Alphabet Dating

My husband and I are currently alphabet dating -  every month one of us organises a secret date, starting with a different letter of the alphabet.  We started in October 2015, the month after getting married, where I organised date A, then in November Blair organised date B, in December I planned date C, and so on and so on.  It will take us the first 2 years of our marriage to finish getting through the alphabet, so it will be a fun way of making sure that we still go out on dates now that we're husband and wife!

Here's how we've spent our alphabet dates so far (this page will be updated as we go along!), to give you some inspiration in case you fancy taking on the alphabet dating challenge too!  You wouldn't even necessarily need to do these with a boyfriend / husband etc, it would make a fun friend-date challenge too for you and your pals.


Date A coincided with Blair's 30th birthday so we spent the weekend in A for St Andrews (I wrote a full post about the trip here).  We also visited an aquarium, ate fish and chips in Anstruther, and went to Scotlands Secret Bunker (A for secret agent).


For date B we firstly went to Burger Meats Bun to consume our body weight in calories (the burgers were epic!).  Then we had tickets to the Botanics Light Show at the Royal Botanic Gardens.  This was a really fun night-time exhibition with lots of cool installations.  Check out my weekly vlog Beer Burgers & Botanics for a look at the exhibition.

B is for Burgers


Handily, date C was in December so a fairly easy option for me was the Christmas markets.  After a wander round those we went to a Chinese restaurant for dumplings and then picked up dessert from a nearby Cheesecake cafe (Mallow Valley in Edinburgh).


We took a trip to Deep Sea World for date D, reliving lots of childhood memories from school trips and summer holiday visits.  The plan had been to go to a place called Diner 7 for lunch but unfortunately we discovered it was closed when we got there, so ended up at Cafe Tartine for steak frites (D for delicious??).


Date E was our first double date, as we went to Escape Edinburgh with our pals Kirsty and Adam.  This was a lot of fun, I definitely recommend it!  We kept the games going with an evening at K&A's flat playing computer games and board games with some of their other pals.  Fun fun fun!  I featured the day in a weekly vlog called Fun & Games if you fancy a watch.


We started our date F at the Edinburgh Farmers Market on Castle Terrace where we had some banging breakfast rolls.  In the afternoon we did some cat sitting for Kirsty (Fitz the cat - how fitting!) and then at night we went for burgers at Five Guys and saw a Film (the terrible Batman vs Superman....).

Farmers Market & Fitz


G stood for Gambling, with us spending the night at a casino.   We'd had some casino tables at my work Christmas party the year before and it was so much fun that it gave me inspiration for a future date.  We spent most of our time on the blackjack tables and managed to come away £100+ in profit -total ballers!


Date H was all about History, with us traveling through to Anwick and visiting the beautiful Alnwick Castle.  It's also where they filmed part of the first Harry Potter, so that was a nice H date tie in! I wrote a blog post about the day here and it featured in my weekly vlog - It's Showtime.


One of my favourites so far has been date I where we took a boat out to Inchcolm Island.  This has been on my bucket list of things to see in Edinburgh for aaaaaages, and I'm so glad we finally got round to visiting.  It's quite an eery place to visit, especially if there's not that many people there (we went in early summer and there was probably about 15 of us on the boat).  Watch out for the dive bombing seagulls though!  This ended up being one of my favourite weekly vlogs to rewatch - check it out here.

I is for Inchcolm Island


We visited Jupiter Artland - an outdoor modern art museum just outside of Edinburgh for date J.  This is such a cool place so definitely worth a visit on a nice day.  I filmed the trip in my weekly vlog - Jupiter Artland & Another Wedding, and also wrote a blog post about the day.


Date K was in August so I took advantage of it being Festival time in Edinburgh and booked us a few K related shows - a magician (whose name I can't remember, but it began with K!) and Knightmare Live (nostalgia central!).  I discovered on the day though that Blair had never watched Knightmare as a child (WHAT?!) but he still really enjoyed the show.  I think it comes to Edinburgh every year, so definitely worth checking it out at the next festival!


We visited one of my favourite places from my childhood for date L - Linlithgow Palace.  I have so many memories of coming here for the day with my family during the summer, and I also remember an evening sitting in the park next to the palace watching the sunset when I was on a school overnight trip at a nearby outdoor ed centre.  I vlogged the day here if you fancy a look!

L is for Linlithgow Palace


For date M we spent a few hours at the National Museum (one of my faves) and then ate Mexican food for lunch at Bar Burrito.  Best discovery of the day was the Bar Burrito have a Five Guys style drinks machine with loads of different Fanta flavours.  I'm easily pleased.


We kept things simple with date N and went to the cinema to see Nocturnal Animals.  Sometimes you can't beat a classic cinema date!


I took inspiration from Alan Partridge with date O - giving B a chocolate Orange and taking us to an Owl Sanctuary.  I thought this had potential to be a bit lame, but actually it was a lot of fun - and the owls were adorable! Check out my weekly vlog - I Know a Cracking Owl Sanctuary and blog post for lots of owl clips and pics!

O is for Owls


For date P we went for lunch at Paradise Palms in Edinburgh, a vegetarian 'soul food' restaurant/bar which has the COOLEST decor, and bloody delicious food.  After that we went to a Pool hall for a few hours of pool - this brought back memories of the days when we had a mini pool table in our old flat (back when we lived in an awesome penthouse style apartment next to a marina in Edinburgh....ahhh this was the best!) and used to play EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT after dinner.


Q was a tricky one to think of ideas, and as we'd just moved into our new house and were pretty skint / busy I kept it fairly simple and we went out for Quesadillas at a little Mexican restaurant I'd discovered in our new town.


We took a trip on the new Borders Railway for date R and went out to the Borders for a visit to the beautiful Abbotsford House. I love visiting places like this - give us a few years and I'm pretty sure we'll have signed up to the National Trust (so old).

Abbotsford House


S stood for Science, with us spending a morning at Dynamic Earth (another Edinburgh attraction I've been meaning to visit for ages!).  This is a pretty cool place to visit - watching a film in the big dome at the end is definitely the highlight!  Afterwards we went for lunch at Makers Mark - a gourmet mash bar where we had some pretty yummy sausages.  When I was looking for date S inspiration online was suggestion was "make sausages together" which I thought was pretty hilarious, but it did give me the idea to find a good sausage and mash place!

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