Meet My Kittens!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Say hello to my little troublemakers.

We brought home Toast (left) and Jam (right) at the end of April, when they were 9 weeks old and oh so cute and tiny.  They are now coming up for 5 months old and have grown into adorable little fluffy purr machines and OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!

Hello I'm Toast aka Toastie, or Toasty Toast.  I'm the handsome one with the lovely slinky coat, and I might look skinny but I'm actually 0.3kg heavier than my wee bro!  I like rolling around in my tunnel, chasing people on the TV, and eating tiny spiders.  But my absolute favourite thing is climbing up my mummy's legs while she's trying to make dinner, gripping on with my claws and teeth, just to show her how much I love her.   I'm an indoor cat but I managed to sneak out of the living room window for a few seconds the other day which was SO MUCH FUN until my daddy pulled me back inside.  He looked quite upset, but I don't know what the big fuss was about - I was just enjoying a lovely rest on the window ledge!

Hello I'm Jam aka Jam-Jam, Jammy, or Jam Sadler to give me my full name.  I'm the fluffy cute one with the white collar.  I love catching toys and taking them back to my secret hidey-holes, playing with the living room blinds, and sleeping on top of my brother.  My favourite place to chill out is under my mummy and daddy's bed, but I'm not allowed in there so I need to run very very fast to get inside whenever the door is open.  I can use the litter tray like a big boy, but I like to let my brother cover up my poos for me....I'm too important for that shizz!

So tiny! 
Sleeping and peeping 
We are one 

Our favourite spot on the stairs

Jammy and his mammy
So smol


Hello I'm Jam and I'm adorable



This is a seat, yes?

Lap cat

So many toys, and they want to play with a ruler

Bunny or cat?

He's biting meeeeeeeeee!

Snuggle buds

Don't worry, I'll protect you Jam-Jam

What's with the names? 

When we first decided we wanted to get a kitten we came up with the name Toast, after the lead character from the TV show Toast of London.  After a bit of research we decided it would be best to get two as we both work 9-5 during the week and thought one might get lonely.  B suggested Jam as 'Toast & Jam' sounded cute together, and Jam happens to also be the name of a character from one of our other favourite shows - Parks & Recreation!  So there you go!

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