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Sunday, 9 July 2017
Oh hello there.  It's been 6 months since I last blogged.  Half a year!  For a while I considered deleting the whole thing because every time I sat down to write a post I ended up getting as far as opening a draft, and then thinking 'meh I can't be arsed with this'.   In the end though I decided to just leave it until I felt the inspiration to start it up again.  And here we are.  

So, to kick things off - here's what I've been up to since my last post....

...we moved into our new house!

We finally collected the keys and moved into our first proper home in early February.  Everything went really smoothly, apart from me having the flu the weekend we moved in.  Yaaay.....   I'm going to do a house tour post soon with before/after photos, but for now here's a sneak peek at our main bedroom.

...we continued alphabet dating!

Since we got married in September 2015, B and I have been doing a monthly 'alphabet date' where one of us organises a surprise date starting with a different letter of the alphabet.  We're up to T now which feels crazy - where has the time gone?!  So far this year we've played Pool, ate Quesadillas, travelled on the new Borders Railway (and visited the beautiful Abbotsford House),  and had fun at Dynamic Earth (S for Science!).  A couple of my colleagues have started doing this with their partners too - I definitely recommend it, I think we might restart once we've done Z!

...I became obsessed with true crime podcasts!

Since moving out of the city I've got a new commute which involves a pretty quick train journey, but around an hour of walking to/from stations each day.  To keep me occupied on my walks I've become obsessed with listening to true crime podcasts.  Nothing makes you walk quickly through an eerily deserted housing estate at 8am than listening to stories of people being abducted....  If you're also a fan, then I'd recommend subscribing to Casefile, S-Town, Someone Knows Something, Convicted, Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder, Cold Case Files, and Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

...we went to Oslo!

As soon as the General Election was announced B and I decided to book ourselves a holiday to get the hell out of the country as soon as it was over (anticipating a smug Tory majority verdict...).  We picked Oslo as it was one of the cheapest places to fly directly to from Edinburgh, with a short flight time, and lots of cool looking museums.  I'll do a post about the trip soon, but we had a great time - it's a really fun city (but MY GOD it is expensive!).

...we got kittens!

Aaaaand finally, I've saved the best till last....meet Toast & Jam! I bloody love these little guys, they are adorable little purr machines who have brightened up our lives.  I'll do a post soon as I've got a million photos to share with you, but until then you can get regular updates on my Instagram.

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