Wagamamas: Don't Want None, Unless You Got BUNS Hun

Saturday, 3 December 2016
I think that title may be my finest work yet.  Nailed it.

I was kindly invited to Wagamamas recently to try out their new menu, in particular, their new hirata steamed bun range.  So along I went one Thursday evening with a couple of girls from the office, with a purse stuffed with Waga-vouchers, ready for some hot tasty bun action.

If you haven't had steamed buns before, the best way I can describe them is fluffy cloud-like pancakes, folded in half with a hot filling.  We tried a couple of different fillings between us - the korean bbq beef & red onion, tori kara age chicken & fresh tomato, and mixed mushroom with panko aubergine.  I think my favourite was the mushroom - the buns are so light and bouncy that the crunchy panko breadcrumbs are the perfect contrast.

I hadn't realised how big the buns would be when we ordered, so as well as having 4 buns as a starter (2 would have definitely been enough), I also had a noodle dish for my main.  The Yaki Udon with chicken, prawns and chikuwa was HUGE, like, I could have easily shared that with someone else and still felt like I'd had a big meal.  I only managed to eat half as I was so full after my buns, but it was really tasty!

This was only my second time at a Wagamamas - the first being a takeout I had in London when I was there for work in the summer.  That time I went for the classic Chicken Katsu Curry which was nice, but not as good as I'd expected since people absolutely rave about it.  My second Waga's experience though was a lot better, and I would definitely go back for more buns (and to try more of the noodle dishes as I struggled to pick, they all sounded so good!).  

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