J is for Jupiter Artland

Saturday, 13 August 2016
As I've mentioned previously, Blair and I are doing "Alphabet Dating" where we take it in turns each month to organise a surprise date starting with a different letter of the alphabet.  July was J, and it was Blair's turn to plan a secret date so one Sunday morning we jumped in the car and headed off on a surprise adventure.  

I had a suspicion that our destination might be Jupiter Artland as I'd heard of the place before and thought it sounded like something we would both really enjoy.  However, I had no idea where it actually was so I couldn't tell if we were driving in the right direction for that guess or not!  Once we started seeing signs for it though I excitedly exclaimed "yaaaay I thought it might be this!".

I'd describe Jupiter Artland as a combination of Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and the Modern Art Gallery.  It's a huge space (it takes about 2.5 hours to walk round the whole thing) and there's loads of sculptures and pieces of art to take in.  You get given a map and then you can just walk around and view the different pieces at your own pace, in any order you want.  

I won't give away too much as it's fun discovering the artwork for yourself, but I did take a few snaps on the day to share. I also vlogged so keep an eye on my Youtube channel for that coming soon.

 Marketing geek point, but I really LOVE their branding! The maps are really cute and the drawings , colours and font etc are just spot on.

 This is a huuuuge Gormley sculpture, with a beautiful view of Edinburgh behind (and I'm not talking about my husband).

 Climb to the top of the "Life Mounds" at your own risk.  Jesus Christ it's HIGH.

 Not a golf course.


 He's got a shoooooter!

It was a really fun afternoon and I'd definitely recommend giving it a visit if you fancy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city (excuse me while I cringe at that incredibly cliched sentence).  There were lots of families there when we went as it was the school holidays, so if you've got young kids then it's definitely suitable for them too (equally, if you want to avoid places with tons of kiddies running around then maybe go outside school holiday time!).  Also, you can get married there!  So if you're on the lookout for an outdoor wedding venue near Edinburgh then give this a look.

Written by Lynne Sadler

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