Edinburgh Cocktail Recommendations

Sunday, 28 August 2016
Given that my blog is called Cocktails & Daydreams, I publish surprisingly little content on the former.  Well today I'm making up for that with a bumper cocktail related post with my tips on good places to grab a drink in my favourite city.

Foundry 39
A newbie on the Edinburgh food & drink scene is Foundry 39 on Queensferry Street.  I was invited recently to try out their cocktail menu so I took along my mum to help me (she didn't need much persuading).

For my first drink I went for an East 8 Hold Up - Absolut Vodka, Aperol, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup, lime juice, and sugar syrup.  This was the perfect thirst-quencher - it fell into that category of tasting just like juice, so I could have quite easily drank the whole thing in about 5 minutes.  My mum went for a Peach & Rhubarb Bellini - Prosecco, white peach purée, and rhubarb liqueur - which she enjoyed so much that she had the same for her second drink too.  I however went for a different choice and picked a Purple Rain - Lavender-infused Bombay Dry Gin, violet droplets, blueberries, lemon juice, and honey - which came in an Instagram friendly copper mug (unfortunately it was too dark to take a photo, but it was so cute I was tempted to nick it for my new house).  

J is for Jupiter Artland

Saturday, 13 August 2016
As I've mentioned previously, Blair and I are doing "Alphabet Dating" where we take it in turns each month to organise a surprise date starting with a different letter of the alphabet.  July was J, and it was Blair's turn to plan a secret date so one Sunday morning we jumped in the car and headed off on a surprise adventure.  

I had a suspicion that our destination might be Jupiter Artland as I'd heard of the place before and thought it sounded like something we would both really enjoy.  However, I had no idea where it actually was so I couldn't tell if we were driving in the right direction for that guess or not!  Once we started seeing signs for it though I excitedly exclaimed "yaaaay I thought it might be this!".

I'd describe Jupiter Artland as a combination of Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and the Modern Art Gallery.  It's a huge space (it takes about 2.5 hours to walk round the whole thing) and there's loads of sculptures and pieces of art to take in.  You get given a map and then you can just walk around and view the different pieces at your own pace, in any order you want.  

I won't give away too much as it's fun discovering the artwork for yourself, but I did take a few snaps on the day to share. I also vlogged so keep an eye on my Youtube channel for that coming soon.

 Marketing geek point, but I really LOVE their branding! The maps are really cute and the drawings , colours and font etc are just spot on.

 This is a huuuuge Gormley sculpture, with a beautiful view of Edinburgh behind (and I'm not talking about my husband).