Revlon Highlight Palette Review

Friday, 26 February 2016

How pretty does this look eh?  I literally did a double take in Boots one day whilst walking past the Revlon stand and had to pick it up.  I originally bought it to be used as a blush but quickly realised that it's a bit too shiny for that, and it's best used as intended - i.e. as a highlighter.

It is a beautiful mix of colours, from pink to peach to champagne, all with lovely shimmery rose gold undertones.  My only issue with it is that the shimmer is a bit too glittery for my liking - if you only use a small amount it's fine, but accidentally apply too much and your cheeks become very "disco".

I was about to type "at £X it's a pretty cheap alternative to more high end highlight palettes" but I've just looked it up and discovered it's £9.99 which is not actually all that cheap, especially for a high street / drugstore brand.  It looks pretty and all but I'd say for the price you'd actually be better off with something like the Sleek Solstice palette (also £9.99) which I've had my eye on for a while as it looks like it's trying to be a dupe for the famous Hourglass Ambient Light powders which beauty bloggers everywhere seem to wet themselves over.  Anyone tried it?

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