Recent Beauty Purchases

Monday, 1 February 2016
recent beauty purchases

Kicking off FEBeauty with a roundup of some recent beauty purchases.

I've just realised how little sense the name of this shampoo makes.  Touchably full? TOUCHABLY FULL?  How can your hair be TOUCHABLY full??  Touchably smooth / touchably soft - yes.  Visibly full - yes.  But TOUCHABLY full - no.

Anyway, I haven't used John Freida products in a very long time but I was drawn in by a good old Boots deal (I think it was 2 for #8, which in hindsight isn't that amazing an offer).  I have quite fine hair but there's a lot of it, and it's naturally quite flat so I'm forever in search of more volume.  I've only used this a few times so far but I do feel like it does a good job of properly cleaning my hair which leaves it less weighed down and in turn has more volume.  I've also noticed I actually need to wash my hair less often which is a bonus!

Like a lot of people, my hair is a game of two halves - I need more volume in the roots and more moisture in the ends.  As I have highlights, my lengths and ends can get quite dry and I get split ends easily, so I always look for repairing / moisturising conditioners.  As with the shampoo, I've only used this a few times but it does leave my hair feeling less dry and more soft, so I'm enjoying it so far.  I am getting through it quite quickly though as I'm using a fair dollop each time, so if I do repurchase I'd probably try get a bigger bottle.

REN is my favourite skincare brand and it was one of the first places I checked for offers in the Boxing Day sales.  They had this kit on sale for £20 (normally £35), which was actually cheaper than buying the No1 Purity Cleansing Balm on its own, so I decided to buy it.  I love the cleansing balm, it's one of my all-time favourite cleansers.  It does a great job of removing makeup (even tough mascaras) and it leaves my skin lovely and soft.  I also love the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which is one of my favourite masks.  This is great for those times when your skin is feeling a bit dull and needs a bit of a boost.  Although probably not for those with sensitive skin though as it can nip a bit.  The one product in the kit that was new to me was the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial.  I'll be writing a full review of this later in FEBeauty so look out for that on the 5th!).

I've never used a lip stain before but thought I'd give this a try as it was in the new in section.  I'm not that sold on it to be honest, the pen is quite fine/pointy so it actually hurts a bit on the lips.  The peach shade I have looks like my lips but slightly darker, so like a nudey coral.  The other end is a balm - not a button you press down on to get more product out the pen end.  Definitely didn't get balm all over my thumb the first time I used it.  Nope.

I didn't really need this but I was drawn in by the pretty colours.  This looks really beautiful and the combination of colours works really well.  I'll be writing a full review of it later in FEBeauty though so that's all I'll say for now!

Like every beauty blogger out there, this is my go-to concealer.  I seem to have lost my last one so had to repurchase.  It's just a damn good concealer - not too light, not too thick, and good for both under-eyes and blemishes alike.  And it's only £3.99!  I haven't yet found anything that works as well at such a good price.

I am obsessed with my By Terry Ombre Blackstar eye shadow stick in Bronze Moon.  I wear it basically every day.  However, at £28 I definitely don't want to use it up too quickly so I've been on the search of decent high street cream eyeshadow pencils I can use as an alternative.  I thought I'd try this range from Rimmel and picked the rose gold colour.  I think the colour is maybe a bit too orange-y for my liking, but I do like the formula so I think I might try some other colours in the range.  I'll be doing a cream eyeshadow high street vs high end post later in FEBeauty, so make sure you come back for that (will be up on the 12th!).

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