My 10 Favourite Beauty Bloggers

Sunday, 28 February 2016

We're almost at the end of #FEBeauty, and I'm pretty chuffed that I actually managed to stick to my challenge and published a beauty post every day in February.  It was harder than I thought it might be - I have a new found respect for those of you who blog about beauty on the regular!  Speaking of which, if you want to follow some proper beauty bloggers then here are my top 10 faves:

  • Fleur De Force - not only is Fleur one of my favourite beauty youtubers, she's also the face behind the only false eye lashes I've been able to actually apply myself first time.

  • Kate La Vie - I've been reading Kate's blog (previously called gh0stparties) for aaaages and I often hit up her recommendations section if I'm on the look out for new skincare to try.

  • British Beauty Blogger - Jane well and truly has her finger on the pulse when it comes to what's new in beauty, so she's a great resource if you're interested in what's coming soon.

  • The Sunday Girl - on a similar note, Adrienne is also a fountain of knowledge on all things new in beauty, particularly makeup, and she's a fellow Scottish blogger which automatically gets her 10 cool points.

  • Rose Keats - another Scottish fave is my pal Roisin who has a blog and Youtube channel.  I swear her hauls are responsible for about 50% of my beauty purchases.

  • Rosanna Pierce - I've only recently discovered Rosi's channel and I absolutely love her get-ready-with-me videos and makeup looks.  She's also a fellow weekly vlogger!

  • Pixiwoo - not only are they the brains behind my favourite makeup brush range - Real Techniques - the Chapman sisters are also one of my go-to channels for makeup tutorials

  • Finally, two blogs / youtube channels I often turn to for makeup looks or to check on their current favourites are I Covet Thee and A Little Obsessed.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for my final #FEBeauty post, it's a good 'un....!

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  1. Lynne! Thanks for mentioning me alongside these super babes of the blogging world! I totally remember the Glen Coco blogpost and Oscar's little face being included. I miss the way blogging was at around that time (2010-2012 ish). Anyway, I hope you are well! Thanks again. Lots of love xxxx