Lazy Girl Beauty Tips

Thursday, 4 February 2016

1) Wash your makeup brushes in the shower.  This is definitely my number one lazy beauty tip - I can't remember the last time I washed my makeup brushes in the sink.  I always take them in the shower with me so I can wash them (with baby shampoo) while I'm letting a hair mask or a face mask work its magic.  I definitely recommend it!

2) Use fast-working products.  Swap your Origins 10 minute masks or your 15 minute Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for speedy products like the REN 10 Minute Facial or the Pantene Expert 2 Minute Masques.  Aint nobody got time for a 30 minute shower!

3) Speed up the getting ready process by fitting in tasks whilst you're waiting for primers / moisturisers etc to sink in.  When I'm getting ready in the morning I tend to put my outfit together whilst my toner is drying, and then pick out all my makeup items whilst my moisturiser is sinking in. The less time you have to sit around waiting for things to dry the better.

4) Use sleep rollers so you can wake up with curls without having to faff about with tongs in the morning.

5) Get yourself a bathroom timer.  Turn boring morning showers or skincare routines into mini challenges by setting yourself a time limit.  

6) Buy products with more than one use.  Think eyebrow pencils that can be used as eyeliner, cream blush that can be used on the lips, highlighters that can be used as eyeshadow.  The fewer products you have to use, the less time you'll have to spend searching for them when getting ready.

7) Dry shampoo is your friend.

8) For a quick fuss-free eye makeup look take a kohl pencil or eyeshadow stick, draw a quick line next to your lashes and then blend out with your finger or a shadow brush.

9) In shower moisturisers are a revelation.  I'm sure most lazy girls can relate when I say that body moisturisers are the bane of my life - I know I should use them, but I can't be bothered waiting for them to dry before I get dressed, so inevitably it gets skipped completely.  The fact that you can now moisturise in the shower and wash it off is life-changing!  

10) Carry out your evening skincare routine in bed.  I've recently started applying my moisturiser whilst lying in bed, which feels like the ultimate lazy girl move.  Some nights though I really can't be bothered applying serums and moisturiser and eye cream so rather than skip entirely I've taken to doing it from the comfort of my bed.  Give it a go - ignore any cries of "what the FUCK are you doing?" from your partner, they don't understand.

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