90's Makeup Look

Monday, 29 February 2016

Hello and welcome to 1999!  Today I'm going to show you how you can get this totally awesome look that will make all your school pals sooooo jealous of how bang on trend you are.

Here's my tips on how to achieve the classic 90's look:

  • Don't bother touching your eyebrows - they are merely a feature of your face, they require no cosmetic help whatsoever.  No one even notices your eyebrows, in fact the thinner they are the better, that way more attention will be paid to the rest of your gorgeous face.

  • Bright lipsticks are for clowns.  All you need is layers of clear lip gloss -  nothing attracts the boys like more than full sticky lips.

  • Why use boring brown or black mascara when you could be rocking electric blue lashes?!  Pair with a blue eye liner and you'll be the coolest girl around.

  • What's the perfect compliment to that blue liner and mascara?  Pink eyeshadow of course! Pink and blue are the perfect pairing, your friends will be wondering how they didn't think of it first!

  • When it comes to hair there's only really 2 options - 1) straight with a middle parting, or 2) pulled back in a high pony.  If you go with option 2 though make sure you leave 2 strands hanging down in front of your face, that way no one will accidentally mistake you for a boy!

I'm sure Shane from Westlife will be hitting me up on MSN Messenger any day now...

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