5 Beauty Steps I Need To Get Better At

Thursday, 25 February 2016

1) Serums
I currently have at least 3 serums in my drawer at the moment and do I use them?  Do I fuck.  It's the one skincare step that I forget about consistently - I go straight from cleanser to toner to moisturiser, usually remembering the serum whilst I'm halfway through my makeup.  I saw an ad for the No7 Protect & Perfect Serum at the cinema the other week and thought, hmmm that looks pretty cool - only to remember 5 minutes later that I already had it!  I'm going to make a conscious effort from now on to try use it on a daily basis so I can actually see if it makes a difference.

2) Eye Cream
Ah another skincare step I'm too lazy to do on a daily basis.  I'm lucky in that I don't have really dark circles under my eyes, or really noticeably lines, buuuuut as I'm now in my 30's those things are likely to only get worse in the coming years, especially if I don't use any products to try counteract the symptoms.  

3) Flossing
I know I should floss twice a day, but it's just so annoying!  I'm good at dental hygiene in general - I use an electric toothbrush that vibrates so I know when I've brushed for long enough, and I use mouthwash fairly regularly too, but flossing is something I need to get better at (and not just the week before a dental appointment).

4) Body Moisturiser
Another task that is just so BLOODY BORING.  I've mentioned before that I absolutely hate feeling like my skin is sticky or tacky, and as I've yet to find a moisturiser that sinks in at lightning speed, I just skip it altogether.  I've even bought spray oils as I heard they were good for speedy moisturising, but noooooo still not using them.  

5) Hair Styling
Despite having a drawer full of various hair products, I rarely use anything on my hair to style it after blow drying (apart from a bit of oil through the ends sometimes).  It's been years since I've used shine sprays or any sort of setting spray.  My hair is basically just left to hang there with no help whatsoever.  I bought this dry oil mist last week as I thought it sounded pretty cool but have yet to actually use it.  I'll try introduce it into my routine and hopefully give you a review next month.

What beauty steps are you really bad at?

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