You Go Glen Coco #5

Saturday, 23 January 2016
You Go Glen Coco is a series where I share blog posts that I've loved reading recently.  The title comes from Mean Girls, one of my favourite films.  It's a place to "share the love" and hopefully highlight some new blogs for you to check out. 

1) Forever Amber - Dear Diary
I love day-in-the-life or diary style posts, and this one from Amber is hilarious.  Coincidentally I may have also spent my week Googling 'How to Make a Murderer' theories....

2) Kate La Vie - New York in Photos
New York has never been that high up on my 'to visit' list but after reading this post it's climbed the rankings!  I don't know how Kate manages to always find the coolest looking places to eat, I need your skilllllz!

This made me laugh - and yes, I do own about 80% of those things and now realise that what I've been missing in life is some ironing water and hmm yeah I should maybe sort out some annual travel insurance.

4) The Life & Loves of Ninegrandstudent - Hogwarts in the Snow
I'm desperate to go to the WB Studio Tour, I'm not even that huge a Harry Potter fan but from what I've seen on the tour on blogs / Youtube it looks amazing, so I loved this post from Chloe.

5) Girl Lost In The City - Getting Shit Done
I can totally relate to Emma's tips on how to "get shit done" - tunnel vision is pretty much all that works for me too, if I don't cut out all distractions then I never get things....ooooh a WhatsApp message!

6) Ruby Ruby Slippers - Being Thankful 2016
This is a really lovely post from my pal Lianne - she is just the sweetest!  And I for one am thankful for having YOU in my life Lianne, you little ray of sunshine.

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