My 2016 Goals

Thursday, 7 January 2016
I know, I know....everyone is probably sick of 2016 goals / resolutions posts by now, but I'm going to throw my two pence in anyway.  This is more for my own benefit anyway as I figured having stuff written down in a public forum would help keep me on track.  In saying that, I'm sure I said the same thing in this 13 Resolutions for 2013 post and well....those went well...

1) Blog 10 times a month
First up a blog related goal.  In 2015 I blogged 66 times - so around 5 times a month - which isn't too bad, but I really want to try get back into posting more regularly (in 2014 for example I blogged 100 times, in 2013 it was 191, and in 2012 it was 169).  I think a target of 10 posts a month is definitely do-able, in fact I've already planned out my 10 posts for January in a spreadsheet (I love a spreadsheet), and I've got ideas for a couple for Feb too.

This is now my 4th year of blogging and I still love keeping this little spot on the web updated regularly, so by having a goal it should hopefully mean that I keep making time for my favourite wee hobby.  

2) Continue weekly vlogging
One of my 2013 resolutions in the post mentioned above was to start a Youtube channel, and it was one of the few goals I actually met.  I've now been uploading videos for almost 3 years, and since November I've been uploading 2/3 times a week including weekly follow-me-around type vlogs.  I'm really enjoying vlogging actually.  I don't live a hugely exciting life but it's fun documenting things and I'm sure in a few years time it will be cool to look back on them.  I want to keep up the weekly vlogging in particular (as well as continuing to upload videos regularly in general) and I'd love to be able to go for a full year of vlogging every single week.  We'll see how that goes!

3) Grow my subscribers / followers to 1K
Still on the blog/youtube front - I know it's a bit of a controversial thing in blogging these days to say that you want to grow your followers, but I don't see anything wrong with it.  I love stats!  So there's nothing I love more than watching my follower numbers change on my various social media channels (and yes, I do have a spreadsheet!).  I set myself a goal of reaching 500 Youtube subscribers by the end of 2015 and thanks to a flurry of new subscribers (most likely fellow Slimming World members) at the end of the year I managed to hit just under 600 which I was really chuffed with.

For 2016 I'd like to reach 1,000 for both my Youtube channel and Bloglovin' profile.  While I think that will be faaaaaairly easy to do on Youtube (where I seem to get around 5 new subscribers a day), I'm finding that my blog follower numbers are much slower to climb.  In fact I think I've only gained an extra 2 followers on Bloglovin in the last 4 months or so.  *sad face*.

I don't have a particular strategy for increasing followers, I'm just going to continue uploading regularly (as mentioned above) and will maybe try get a bit better at using social media to promote my blog posts (I've signed up to Buffer which has been really helpful so far).

4) Comment on blogs more
Final blog related goal I promise.  Something I used to be really good at was commenting on other peoples' blogs.  When I first started out I used to leave a comment on pretty much every post I read, but now it's really rare that I'll make the effort.  I know from blogging myself that I love that feeling of coming on here and seeing that someone has taken the time to leave me a comment.  It's such a boost!  For that reason I really want to start making more of an effort to leave comments on the blogs that I read - so if I've enjoyed something I'm going to give the writer a wee boost too and let them know in the comment box.

5) Drink more water
You can't get more cliche than a new years' resolution to drink more water (well you probably could get more cliche....see point 6).  I'm pretty good at keeping hydrated when I'm at work - I even keep a little tally in my notepad of how many cups of water I've drank each day (saddo).  When I'm at home though I'm terrible - it's common for me to go almost an entire Saturday without drinking a drop of anything.  Being at home all day for almost 2 weeks during the Christmas holidays meant that I got really lax with my drinking - some days all I drank was Diet Coke, and that's really not helping the situation.  

My aim now is to drink 2 litres of water whilst at work, and then another 1 litre at home.  Then at the weekend I want to try drink 2 litres a day.  I feel like I notice a difference in my skin and in how tired I feel when I up my water consumption, so I'm hoping if I stick to this then I'm going to be a clear skinned well rested goddess in 2016.

6) Continue with Slimming World and reach target
Oh a weight loss goal, how original.  I rejoined Slimming World in November last year after taking a post-wedding break.  Since rejoining I've been uploading weekly weigh in videos to my Youtube channel and using Instagram to document my meals, and I'm feeling really motivated at the moment to stay on plan.  I did a whole video about my 2016 Slimming World goals if you fancy hearing more, but basically I want to keep on track this year and do it properly, hopefully reaching my target within the year.

7) Read 50 books
I used to be such a bookworm when I was younger but as an adult my love of reading was replaced by a love of TV.  In the last few months though I've been getting back into books - kickstarted by our honeymoon where I spent half the time glued to my kindle.  In particular I've discovered a love of YA dystopian fantasy novels - I recently finished the Patrick Ness Chaos Walking trilogy and have started another of his books More Than This, plus I bought the first of the Hunger Games the other day.  

Spurred on by the Goodreads app prompting me to set a reading challenge I've decided to aim for 50 books this year.  That sounds like quite a lot now that it's written down actually....but if I'm struggling I might dip into my Goosebumps collection which should help me to boost the list....

8) Start driving lessons
Another re-entry from my 2013 resolutions - I need to finally start learning to drive.  Note that I haven't set a goal of actually passing my  I've never really been interested in learning to drive but I accept that it would be useful if I could - both for work (so I spend less on taxis when visiting clients in remote locations) and for giving me a bit more independence.  We've actually got 2 cars now - with Blair keeping our old car so I had something to learn in, so I kind of HAVE TO learn now really.  I'm sure I'll love it once I've passed my test and I'll no doubt be saying "why didn't I do this sooner!", but at the moment I'm a bit like "Meh, do I HAVE TO?".

So that's my goals for 2016 - I'm not calling them resolutions as for some reason I feel like there's more pressure when you say that.  Plus goals makes it sound like something I could monitor the progress of with stats, and you know how much I love stats...!


  1. Great set of goals! I pretty much have similar ones. Like read more of my fellow bloggers and comment and write more blog posts!


  2. I'm still really enjoying reading everyone's goals! I have similar goals to you, I'm trying to lose weight (We're very original right?!) and I'm trying to comment more on blogs. I'm actually trying to find a lot more blogs I haven't read before as there's so many out there!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  3. I'm with you on pretty much all of these. Definitely need to start commenting on blogs more starting.... now! I'm already failing at drinking more water though, why is it so hard to remember to drink?! x

  4. lovely post :)