Sunday, 31 January 2016

The other day on my bus journey to work I was thinking about how I rarely do beauty blog posts these days. Riveting stuff eh. I do all of my best thinking on the bus I'll have you know. Closely followed by the shower.

Anyway, I was thinking about how I first started this blog as a place to primarily share my thoughts on the beauty products I was using, but over the years that beauty section has gradually gotten quieter and quieter. My love of all things makeup and skincare and hair etc hasn't changed though, I've just stopped writing about it for some reason.

I thought to myself that I could easily start writing more beauty posts if I wanted to. In fact, I could write a new beauty blog post EVERY DAY if I really wanted to. And let me tell you, once that idea was in my head, my inner Monica Geller couldn't resist the challenge, and so...FEBeauty was born.

For the month of February I am going to upload a beauty related blogpost to Cocktails & Daydreams every day. That's 29 BEAUTY POSTS coming your way in the next month. I've already got those 29 post ideas mapped out, and 5 are written up and scheduled already. Sorry to brag, but I am feeling organised as fuck right now.

So if you like reading beauty blogs then you are in for a right treat next month.  Make sure you're subscribed on Bloglovin or whatever other platform you use (if you use something else let me know - I'm not a Bloglovin fan and would love to find an alternative to follow/read blogs!).  

Wish me luck!

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