Being a 90's Teen vs Now....

Saturday, 2 January 2016
Let's firstly get past the fact that this post has a terrible title.  I've had it sitting in drafts for ages because of this very reason, but it was either this or "If I Was a Teenager Now..." which I'm not even sure is proper English.  

Anyway, I had the idea for the post last year after watching the Channel 4 documentary Teens which followed the lives of a group of teenagers in England and was unique in that you also got to see all of their text messages, what's app convos, tweets, Facebook posts etc along the way so you were fully immersed in their day to day lives.  *I've actually just looked it up by the way and that came out in March....MARCH!  So that shows you how late I am at getting round to posting this*.

Whilst watching the show I was thinking about how completely different life is growing up in the age of social media.  Back in my day MSN Messenger or a mobile phone that could access emails was about as advanced as you got.  These days the usual teen worries like whether or not that boy fancies you back are almost overshadowed by the stress of not having enough likes on your latest Instagram, or having less Twitter followers than your best pal.  It makes growing up in the 90's seem like a piece of piss walk in the park.

It got me thinking about how my teen years would have been different if I was a teenager now....

With hundreds of Youtube tutorials and the whole beauty blogger community at my finger tips I like to think that modern-day-teen-me would have significantly better makeup skills than actual-teen-me.  One of my most memorable makeup mistakes back in the day was blue eyeliner with pink eyeshadow which I wore daily for months.....I'm just glad I don't have any photographic evidence of this ground-breaking look.  I also never quite got the hang of bronzer - in fact the photo above shows that even at age 20 the closest I got to "bronzed goddess" was "mud stained hamster cheeks".  Teenagers these days seem to have mastered contouring and liquid eyeliner by the time they are 15.  Lucky bitches.

If you're a longtime reader of Cocktails and Daydreams you'll know that I used to write some pretty embarrassing diaries back when I was a teenager.  If I was a teenager now I'm pretty sure my diary fodder would instead find itself on a tumblr profile or blog.  So I should probably count myself lucky that my sad love life didn't find itself on a public forum (until late-20's me decided to start publishing extracts on her blog of course).

There are huge gaps in my early teen years where no photographs of me exist (apart from the obligatory Christmas Eve stocking pic with my sister).  This is because my only camera was a point-and-shoot that you'd have to take to the chemist to get developed so photos were saved for special occasions, not selfies in my bedroom.  If I was a teenager now I'm pretty sure I'd have a shit load of photos of myself, with every outfit, every new haircut, every makeup look documented and probably uploaded to Instagram.  I'm kind of jealous of teens these days who will have so many photos to look back on - I wish I had more photos from my teen years, even though no doubt they would be cringeworthy (if the above is anything to go by).

I used to be a HUGE Westlife fan when I was a teen - I had all of their singles, all of their albums, all of their tour videos (on VHS of course), went to see them in concert every year, had posters of them (well, Shane) on my bedroom walls, and I even once spoke to Nicky on the Trouble chatrooms (yep....definitely him and not some dirty old man....DEFINITELY). Can you imagine if Twitter had been around in those days and I could have actually followed my heroes every move online, seeing their candid pictures, hearing what they had for breakfast etc.  Oh my god it would have fuelled my obsession no end.  I take the piss out of the "Harry, my cat died" brigade on Twitter but man, I'm positive I would have part of it if I was a teenage now.  I'd definitely have been a Directioner, sobbing into my coco-pops when Zayn left (much like I cried when Kerry left Atomic Kitten).

When I was 14-17 years old I was around a size 16.  I didn't really dress for fashion, and mainly just wore whatever would fit me - and given that places like Miss Selfridge and Topshop only really catered for sizes 8-14 I was stuck with Dorothy Perkins (so floaty tops and baggy trousers basically).  Nowadays it's so much easier to be plus sized and fashionable - with great ranges on the high street and online like ASOS Curve and New Look Inspire.  There are also so many amazing role models within the plus sized blogging community like the gorgeous Callie, Danielle and Georgina.  I definitely feel like I'd be much happier and more confident in my skin if I was a curvy teen these days.

One of my favourite hobbies when I was a teenager was playing computer games - mainly doing shifts on the PC with my sister playing The Sims, Theme Hospital or Theme Park.  If Youtube had existed back then I'm pretty positive that I'd have been obsessed with gamer channels - and would have maybe even made my own videos.  Not that many people would have really been interested in  watching me play Quake 3 on cheat mode whilst listening to Steps on my headphones.  Who knows, I could have been the female PewDiePie.

Shout out to my girl Hannah Gale as I've read so many of her nostalgic list posts over the years that I'm sure she has to take some credit for the inspiration here.  If you're up for more 90's nostalgia then here's some suggested reading:

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