Alphabet Dating: A-C Ideas

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
My husband and I are currently alphabet dating -  every month one of us organises a secret date, starting with a different letter of the alphabet.  We started the month after getting married, so in October I organised date A, in November Blair organised date B, in December I planned date C, and next weekend Blair is taking me on date D.  It will take us the first 2 years of our marriage to finish getting through the alphabet, so it will be a fun way of making sure that we still go out on dates now that we're husband and wife!

Here's how we've spent dates A-C, with some additional ideas in case you fancy taking on the alphabet dating challenge too!  You wouldn't even necessarily need to do these with a boyfriend / husband etc, it would make a fun friend-date challenge too for you and your pals.

A for Aquarium

A for Secret Agent

For date A it coincided with Blair's 30th birthday so we spent the weekend in A for St Andrews (I wrote a full post about the trip here).  We also visited an aquarium, ate fish and chips in Anstruther, and went to Scotlands Secret Bunker (A for secret agent - I stole that one from Kirsty).

Other date ideas beginning with A:
  • archery
  • arcades
  • art gallery / art exhibition
  • alton towers
  • abseiling
  • american / african themed restaurant

B for Burgers

B for Botanic Gardens

For date B we firstly went to Burger Meats Bun to consume our body weight in calories (the burgers were epic!).  Then we had tickets to the Botanics Light Show at the Royal Botanic Gardens.  This was a really fun night-time exhibition with lots of cool installations.

Other date ideas beginning with B:
  • boat trip
  • BBQ
  • bowling
  • bar crawl
  • brunch
  • bingo
  • beach

C for Christmas Markets

Handily, date C was in December so a fairly easy option for me was the Christmas markets.  After a wander round those we went to a Chinese restaurant for dumplings and then picked up dessert from a nearby Cheesecake cafe (Mallow Valley in Edinburgh).

Other date ideas beginning with C:
  • cinema
  • cycling
  • climbing
  • cocktail making
  • casino
  • camping
  • comedy club
  • concert

I'm looking forward to date D this weekend - I'll be sure to update you on whatever we end up doing!


  1. Like the first and the last photo :)
    Maria V.

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