You Go Glen Coco: Youtube Edition

Saturday, 12 December 2015
You Go Glen Coco is a series where I share blog posts that I've loved reading recently.  The title comes from Mean Girls, one of my favourite films.  It's a place to "share the love" and hopefully highlight some new blogs for you to check out.  This time I'm doing a Youtube edition, so instead of blogs I've got some videos and channels for you to take a look at....enjoy!

I bloody love a mashup, and this Pop Party medley from Dodie and her sister Hedy is ace.  Their voices are so lovely together (Hedy is so good, especially considering how young she is) and it's a really fun run through of some of the years biggest hits.

This is such good video from Erin all about periods and how they shouldn't be this secret, taboo subject.  It is ridiculous that despite it happening to almost every woman every month, it isn't really talked about and is still seen as this "disgusting" thing.  Kudos to Erin for being really open about it, and hopefully it encourages other people to do the same.

I loved this get ready with me video from Louise - it made me really want to go on one of those classic girls nights out where you get ready at someones' flat first and make your way through a bottle of wine whilst doing your makeup.  That was the BEST thing about living with friends at uni, the getting ready and pre-drinks were so much fun.  Aw I miss those days!

OMG this is the cutest thing EVER!  This ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a sponsored video.  Fleur and Mike's dogs look absolutely adorable in their lookbook outfits - and that wink at the top of the stairs was genius (I can't tell if it actually happened, or if it was edited in!).  Go watch it now.

Secret Love Song is one of my favourite songs on the new Little Mix album (you can here you rave about the whole album in my November TV & Music Favourites video) and Emma & Rob did an amazing cover as part of the Les Mis live lounge.  Their voices are incredible!

I loved Charlotte's vlog from her recent solo trip to Liverpool - what a cool (and brave!) thing to do.  I know I travel on my own quite a bit now, but it's definitely not something I would've had the guts to do in my early 20's, so good on Charlotte for doing it.  It also brought back memories of my own Liverpool trip earlier in the year - I think we might go back next year as there is still so much we wanted to see.

Hazels' "Time of the Month" videos are some of my absolute favourite vlogs, and it's one I always look forward to each month.  She hasn't been having the best time in the last few months, but it's been lovely seeing her friends rally around her - who wouldn't want pals like these!

.....and none for Gretchen Weiners!

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