Workwear Lookbook #2

Wednesday, 9 December 2015
Brace yourself for some top quality outfit pictures coming your way..... Ha yes, I still haven't quite managed to find the time to take proper outfit photos in the morning with the tripod and that - so I'm going to continue with shoddy mirror shots until that day comes.  At least you know these are genuine outfits and not ones taken purely for the blog (shady blogger side eye).

I did a similar post earlier in the year which you can read here.

Day 1
I've worn this dress so much that the waistband is actually starting to wear away - I estimate it's around 10 washes away from a hole appearing.  I still love it though, it's comfy, navy (my fave), and the tartan pattern is really cute.  I'm aware it's not the most flattering when you have massive boobs and that it does make me look a bit like a 5 year old but I don't really care.

Day 2
More navy!  I love these shirt/jumper combo tops from Primark, I also have one in grey (as you'll see below) and they are perfect for work with jeans or a skirt.  Even if it does look a bit like school uniform.

Day 3
I've been getting into checked boy shirts recently - so I've got this one and another red one that has a grey hood attached (both Primark) which makes me look like a lumberjack.  Some days I think it looks really cool and I'm like "oh yeah look at me, confidently rocking out in a plaid shirt and skinny jeans" and then other days I think it looks bloody awful.  I'm not sure which I was feeling in this photo.

Day 4
This was one of those days where I couldn't really be bothered and I just wanted to be comfy.  It's not the most flattering or interesting of outfits, but it kept me cosy.  The jeans are just my usual jeggings from Dorothy Perkins, the top is an old t-shirt from New Look, the long cardigan is also New Look, as is the necklace.  The tan boots are Primark and soak up water like a bitch so I need to stop wearing them when it's raining.

Day 5
As you can see this is the grey version of the navy top I wore on day 2.  The necklace is from New Look - I don't wear it very often but when I do I really like it.  It's nice to add a splash of colour to an otherwise quite dull outfit.

Well there wasn't a lot of variety there eh?  It's a very realistic idea of what I wear on a day to day basis though.  I'll do another post like this early next year but I'll try to get better quality photos as I realise it's quite hard to actually see the clothes in the ones above!

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