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Thursday, 3 December 2015

If you've been watching my weekly vlogs you'll know that we've been making a few small decor changes recently, including switching up our gallery wall.  I've shown you our gallery wall before - when we had a living room makeover last year  - but as a few new art prints have made their way into our collection recently we needed to do some shifting in order to fit them in.  I've used washi tape to hold them up which looks nice and all, but annoyingly as there's a radiator underneath at least one poster a day starts to unstick!

Most of the prints were given as gifts - either from friends or to each other - and there's also a couple of birthday/engagement/valentines/wedding cards up there which were too pretty to throw away.  I've tried to find each of the posters online and listed below in case you like them!

Personalised venn diagram - Firebox
Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness - Posteritty
Grand Budapest Hotel - Etsy (no longer available)
Drive movie poster - unknown
Game of Thrones Winter is Coming - Living in La La Land
Friends You're My Lobster - Etsy
Office David Brent Dance - Posteritty
Ron Swanson Sore Loser poster - Posteritty
Breaking Bad I Am The Danger - Etsy
Treat Yo Self postcard - unknown (similar here)
Larry David Sunglasses - Living in La La Land (no longer available)

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