Mr and Mrs Christmas

Monday, 28 December 2015

As this was our first Christmas since getting married earlier this year, we decided to have Christmas Day just the two of us.  It was a lovely relaxing day filled with good food, good TV, and comfy clothes.  We got up at 9ish and exchanged presents - my faves including a popcorn maker, Ryan Gosling calendar, scrabble tile lights, Shaun The Sheep DVD boxset (shut up), this amazing clutch bag, and lots of beauty bits and chocolates.  I'd written out a plan the day before so approached the Christmas cooking pretty calmly - to be fair apart from peeling and chopping potatoes it was pretty much a case of putting things in the oven / microwave at various times, so not too taxing!

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We split the meal up through the day so had a buffet lunch / starter at 12 (alongside Hollyoaks) and then the full Christmas roast at 4 (accompanied by Knowing Me, Knowing Yule).   We'd ordered a chocolate orange cake from Morrisons for pudding and it turned out to be absolutely MASSIVE so I think we're going to be eating it for about a week.  We ended up eating the cake with some cocktails in time for Doctor Who, after a FaceTime session with the parents.  The rest of the night was spent on the sofa wrapped in a fleecy blanket watching 500 Days of Summer surrounded by various snacks.  

We sandwiched our chilled out Christmas in between 2 family days - spending Christmas Eve at my parents house with my sister and her boyfriend, and then Boxing Day at Blair's mums with his sister.   On both family days we had a buffet dinner (man I love a buffet), exchanged presents and had a nice catch up.  

I've now got a week off before going back to work on the 4th of Jan - unfortunately for Blair though he was back in the office today,  so I've got lots of me-time!  I'm planning on meeting up with some friends over the next few days, and then we've got a relaxing New Years Eve planned (Chinese takeaway, cocktails and DVDs) followed by a long-weekend together before it's back to reality on the 4th.  We might fit a bit of sales shopping in there somewhere too, although I've not really got my eye on anything in particular (have you found any good sales buys - I'm struggling for inspiration!).

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