George at Asda Secret Santa

Saturday, 28 November 2015
This year I took part in the George at Asda bloggers Secret Santa, organised by those lovely folks at Talented Talkers.  So after being assigned a fellow blogger to buy for I was tasked with choosing presents for him/her from the George Christmas Gift section (up to the value of £50), while someone else was doing the same for me.  My gifts arrived last week (you can watch my unboxing video here) and my Secret Santa did really well as you can see!

Firstly, my absolute favourite gift - the fleecy star throw (no longer online I'm afraid).  Oh. My. God. This is THE BEST THING EVER.  It is soooooooooo soft and cosy, I'm not exaggerating when I say that since I got it I have spent EVERY evening wrapped up in it on the sofa.  I let Blair borrow it the other day as he wasn't feeling well and wanted a nap on the sofa, and he loved it so much that he's asked me to buy him his own one for Christmas.  So yes, a definite winner in our house!

Another item that has been keeping me cosy recently are these grey bejewelled gloves.  I remember standing at the bus stop holding this very parcel with freezing cold hands and thinking to myself "I really need to dig out some gloves".  Also, the grey colour matches with the lining of my winter coat so they are perfect.

I love the glam embellished bag (which looks quite Great Gasby-ish doesn't it?), and if I hadn't chosen a blue dress for my Christmas party (the dress in outfit one here) then it would definitely be making an appearance at my work's do.  Another fashion item in my Secret Santa parcel was this Fairisle style print scarf in navy (one of my faves) which is nice and festive (I thought the little squares were Christmas presents at first!).

A couple of home items made up the rest of my parcel - firstly some champagne coupes which have a cool iridescent shine to them (v.fancy!) and will be perfect for serving Christmas Day cocktails, and a Christmas Baking Yankee Candle (not pictured as I forgot it was sitting in my living room!) which smells AMAZING (basically like gingerbread and cinnamon - yum!).  Unfortunately for me, Blair HATES the smell of cinnamon, so I'll just have to light this when he's not home, haha.

My Secret Santa did good eh?  Whoever they are!  A lovely mix of home and fashion items - I'm really happy with everything :) Now to go check out my giftee's blog to see if she liked what I chose for her.....

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