Christmas Party Wishlist: ASOS

Sunday, 22 November 2015
Every year I do a series of Christmas Party Outfit Wishlists, and if I'm honest, it's one of my favourite  type of posts to write.  I love putting together fantasy outfits, and party outfits are the BEST ones.  I've still not decided what I'll wear to my own Christmas party yet, I've ordered the dress in outfit 1 but I'm not sure if it will suit me.  If not then maybe I'll find some inspiration in the next few posts.

dress - boots - necklace - clutch

skirt - top - clutch - shoes

top - trousers - blazer - heels - clutch - necklace
dress - heels - clutch - bangle - hair slide

Which is your favourite look?


  1. That first dress is amazing, hope it looks just as sparkly and wonderful in real life! Love the last dress too, wish I had a fancy Christmas party to go to so I could talk myself into buying it haha. xx

  2. omg i just ordered the dress in outfit 4 last week and it's to come in the mail tomorrow - i am SO excited for holiday party dress season!! :D

    Natalie / Salt & Sail