Camera Roll #4

Friday, 20 November 2015
Time for another sneak peek at my iPhone photos, and a look at what I've been up to over the last few weeks.

1) A rather smug looking selfie before I went out for dinner with friends last month.  It was the first time I'd worn a "boy shirt", and I was feeling quite good about myself.  It's good to celebrate when you feel confident about yourselves ladies, as much as people like to tell you selfies are just pathetic and vain.

2)  This wee cow refused to give any cuddles, but I'll forgive her as she was so damn cute.  Not mine unfortunately, but a cat Blair's dad was pet-sitting while her owners were off gallivanting.

3) This was waiting for Blair in our room when we stayed in St Andrews recently for his 30th birthday (you can read more about that here).  Amusingly not only had he accidentally been given my old surname, but it was also mis-spelt.  So he was "Mr Grudison" for the weekend.  Much lols.

4) After refusing to upgrade my iPhone for months as the contracts were just too expensive I finally caved after the monthly cost dropped to under £40.  Isn't she pretty?

Myself and Kirsty were invited along to the National Museum of Scotland last Friday for their Victorian Museum Lates party.  I've been to a couple before (you can read about the time I got chased by a dinosaur here) so I knew I was in for a fun night.

After meeting for burgers and cocktails at Revolution we spent our evening dancing in the silent disco, making paper crafts, watching live music, exploring the museum, and generally having a great time!  By the time it finished we weren't quite ready to go home so we decided to go to Espionage where we were hoping for ALL THE CHEESY MUSIC.  Unfortunately it didn't deliver and after literally spending AN HOUR dancing ON OUR OWN, and after having our 5ive requests shot down by the DJ, we admitted defeat  and went home to bed.  You can watch my vlog from the night here!

1) Our wedding gift list presents arrived at the end of October and what a treat that was.  It was like Christmas!  A lot of the gifts were homewares like new crockery and kitchen gadgets, so we had fun rearranging our kitchen over a couple of weekends to fit in all the new stuff as I basically want to start using it all NOW.

2) We've had some really shit weather here the last few weeks - lots of wind and rain and fog.  I did spot a big rainbow the other morning though as I was waiting for the bus to work.  A bit of respite in an otherwise grey month.

3) I've rejoined Slimming World this week so did a "big shop" at the start of the week to stock up on lots of free & speed foods.  If you want to follow my journey I'll be doing weekly videos on my Youtube channel - the first of which is up now.

4) One very windy and rainy evening this week I attended a cool launch party at the Modern Art Gallery - one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh.  The event was to celebrate the launch of The Edinburgh Beer Factory's first brew - Paolozzi lager, which was named after Scottish sculptor Eduardo Palazzio.  Having been to the Modern Art Gallery previously I had seen some of his work - including the huuuuge Vulcan sculpture which is one of my faves- but what I didn't realise was that he had lived in Leith. The big foot statue near the Omni centre is also one of his btw - you learn something new every day!

I didn't actually drink any of the beer - opting for the non-alcoholic apple & ginger drink on offer instead - but I'm all for supporting local businesses so give it a go if you're a lager drinker and see it on sale at your nearest bar.  One thing I didn't say no to though were their canapes - oh my god they served the best canapes I have ever had in my life.  "Mini" burgers (I say "mini" as they were basically hand sized), fish & chips in newspaper cones, mushroom arancini with garlic dip, breaded ham hock balls, little individual saucepans of macaroni cheese....all amazing.  Bravo folks, 10 out of 10 for catering!

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