My Hen Do

Friday, 2 October 2015

I'm a bit late with this post as not only was my hen do almost a month ago, but I've also already had the wedding and honeymoon! Never mind, better late than never!

My hen do was kept a complete surprise by my sister/bridesmaid/organiser extraordinaire Nik, so all I knew was that I had to arrive in Edinburgh at 9.30am in casual clothes and no makeup, with swimwear and a night outfit in tow.  I found out these clues via the medium of poetry….

I guess it's time you found out
The plans for your hen day
So you're no longer wondering
About what to wear or say

Jump on the number 8 bus
And ride it into town
Follow signs for the queens big hoose
The cowgate you'll walk down

You should arrive at half past nine
To meet all your friends there
Make sure you bring your swimsuit
Or be prepared to bare!

After a nice relaxy day
(and perhaps a tipple too)
We'll have some time to get dolled up
And ready for part two!

You've picked your meal that you will eat
Before the night gets silly
But don't you worry I haven't booked
A man to show his willy!

So pack a pretty going-out dress
With a hint of favourite hues
Mint and coral, peach and pink
On jewellery or on shoes

I hope this poem has made you think
Of what the day might be
But there's surprises still to come
Of course, it's planned by me!

I hope you have an awesome time
And give us a chance to say
Kiss the single life goodbye
It's nearly your wedding day!

How fricken adorable eh??

So we started with a morning at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel & Spa where we each got to have 2 treatments (I went for a back & shoulder massage, and a foot treatment).  My appointment wasn't until 1pm so I had plenty time to hang out at the pool area and use the sauna & steam rooms, and chill out in the relaxation room with the rest of the hens.  It was such a relaxing morning and I had a great time chatting to everyone and chilling out in my comfy robe and slippers.  

Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do

Once we'd all had our treatments we trooped upstairs to the restaurant for afternoon tea - it felt quite bizarre sitting there eating in our robes and slippers!  An hour or so later, stuffed full of cake and sandwiches, we all headed back downstairs again to get ready for the next part of the hen do.  15 girls doing hair and makeup in a sweaty hot changing room was an experience I tell you!

All dolled up we took a wander along to the Grassmarket where we had a table booked at Biddy Mulligans for dinner.  The food was really good actually - I'd only been in there once before for a few drinks years ago, and didn't even realise that they sold food.  At this point we were also all given little goodie bags that Nik had filled with sweeties, willy straws (of course), hand knitted L plate coasters, badges, and some items for games later like a paper plate and a scavenger hunt list.  She really had thought of everything!

Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do

The next stop was Espionage, our home for the night.  We had the entire ground floor to ourselves from 7 till 10, with cocktail making and karaoke on the agenda - all together now "these are a few of my faaaavourite thiiiings!".  It was the BEST fun.  As there were 18 of us we split into two groups so half of us popped to the bar for cocktail making whilst the others got started on the karaoke, with us switching over once we'd made our first drink.  It all worked really well and meant there wasn't any hanging around waiting for your turn.

Hen DoHen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do

Quite a few drinks later we moved onto party games which was one of my favourite bits of the whole night.  First up was "Pin The Kiss on Gosling" - a twist on "pin the tail on the donkey" but with lipstick and a poster of the beautiful Ryan Gosling.  Next was a quick drinking game designed to get me drunker….basically a "drink if this statement applies to you" with lots of statements that coincidentally applied to myself (e.g. if you have blue eyes, if you have blonde hair, if you're engaged etc).

There was a "How Well Do You Know The Bride" quiz next which I actually struggled with myself - I mean can YOU all tell me what your favourite film, TV show, song and makeup brand is??  It was great fun seeing everyone trying to rack their brains to come up with the answers, and to discover who my true friends were, haha!!  Unsurprisingly, Kirsty's team won!

Hen Do
Hen Do
Hen Do

The last 2 games were more hands-on - firstly we had to dip into our goodie bags to find a paper plate and pen we'd been given earlier.  We then had to hold the paper plate on top of our head and draw a picture of me enjoying my hen do.  Afterwards points were awarded for certain elements, e.g. 1 point for every arm, 1 point if I'm holding a drink etc.  I well and truly lost that one as I basically drew a stick man….such imagination!

The final game was the classic "Toilet Paper Dress" where we were split into 4 teams, given a couple of rolls of toilet paper and a minute or two to dress up your "bride".  My team contained my cousin Rowan - a fashion grad - so I thought we were a shoe-in for the win, but another team beat us to it with their Grecian style number.  It's the taking part that counts!

Hen Do
Hen Do

By this point it was already gone 10 and the club had started to fill up with normal punters so we all converged on the dance floor for a boogie (including a dance off with a stag party dressed as miners - why miners?  They had no explanation).  The rest of the night flew by really quickly, with lots of dancing, lots of drinking, and lots of laughs.  By the time we got to 1am I was flagging, and our group was down to the remaining 5 (me, Nik, Kirsty, Kat and Jemma) so after one last dance we headed off.  Kat was staying at my flat so we decided to stop off at McDonalds for a cheeky burger before getting a taxi home.  A fitting ending to a great day!

It was honestly SUCH a fun day and night - my sister did such a good job organising everything, it all went so smoothly, and I loved it all.  So many of my favourite things - cocktails, karaoke, afternoon tea, chilled out spa times, Ryan Gosling, and all my favourite people (well, all my favourite female people that is!).  One of my most favourite days ever, just behind the wedding of course….more on that to come!


  1. Yaaassssss for Kirsty's team winning! Ha, how weird, though, with the wedding quiz too?! I'm pretty sure I've only known you two years and already I'm obsessed. What a fricken loser xxx

  2. Yayy was such a good day/night :-) xx

  3. Sounds like you had the best time lady! The photos are fab, you look so happy. Love the sound of all the party games, particularly Kiss Gosling haha and I'd not heard of the paper plate game before but that sounds great. So glad you had the best time! xx