Camera Roll #3

Friday, 16 October 2015
This is becoming one of my favourite blog series to write - it's a nice way of giving you a little update of what's been going on in my life, without having to ramble on too much.  It's a bit like my online diary - going through my camera roll on my phone to find pictures for the post actually jogs my memory of what I've been up to!  

1) Awww this feels like aaaages ago now!  My lovely pal Lianne moved to New York about a month ago with her hubby Robin, and before they left they held a FRIENDS themed leaving do.  It was fancy dress so I decided to go as Phoebe from The One Where No One is Ready - i.e. the time she got hummus on her dress and had to cover it up with a Christmas decoration (here's a get ready with me video from the night).  

I had a great time catching up with Lianne and my other bloggy pals at Hemma Bar and making my way through all their different flavours of vodka.  I actually ended up filming a drunken Scottish Tag video when I got home which was an interesting decision....

2) I wrote a whole blog post about my hen do, but here's some of the photos which didn't make it into that post - a classic toilet selfie, some photo-prop fun, and the aftermath of that wedding party shot photo (we all look suitably impressed, ha!).

3) I realise that I've been teasing my upcoming wedding blogpost to near Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' levels recently but it is coming soon I promise!  And if you're going to milk something for all it's worth, then surely your wedding has to be it.  

These are some behind the scenes photos from the setup the day before including a bare barn, the fruits of our paper unfolding labour, a bathroom laden with wedding guest supplies, and bridesmaid & mother of the bride gift giving.

4) You're also probably sick of hearing all about my honeymoon (especially now we're well and truly in the midst of autumn), but I'm going to shove some more sunny photos down your throats anyway.  Again, here's some shots that didn't make it into my original post, including some pool selfies, and Blair (not) enjoying the after-dinner Ouzo.

5) Once we got back from the honeymoon we both had a week off before going back to work.  We tried to fill the week with a few treats to keep our post-honeymoon blues at bay, and dinner at Cafe Tartine was the icing on the cake.  We were going to see The Martian at the cinema at Ocean Terminal, so I asked on Twitter for some restaurant recommendations down by the Shore.  One of the suggestions was Cafe Tartine, and after a quick glance at their menu we decided to book a table.  Definitely a good choice - this place is great!  I had probably the best steak frites I've eaten outside of Paris, and OMG the crepes were amaaaaazing.  Mine was filled with nutella and peanut butter.  O.  M.  G.

6) My pal Jemma kindly took me along as her plus one to a tasting event at a new restaurant in Edinburgh last week.  The Printing Press on George Street will open on the 22nd of October, occupying the space previously held by one of my Edinburgh faves - Tempus.  The space has been transformed and really feels like a step back in time - in a good way!  Beautiful surroundings and fabulous food - we had a great night trying out the new menu with courses like Loch Fyne dived scallops with inked barley, sea bass with foraged sea herbs and mussels, Josper grilled venison with braised cabbage and brambles, and wood pigeon with hazelnut crowdie and heritage beets.  Hard to pick a fave but it's a close tie between the sea bass and the venison.  I'll definitely be back!

And finally....
I never do this, buuuuut I've set myself a wee personal target of reaching 500 subscribers on my Youtube channel by the end of the year, so I would absolutely love it if you would subscribe (if you aren't already of course!).  If you want an intro to my channel, here's a couple of my favourite videos that I've posted in the last year:

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