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Sunday, 18 October 2015
I mentioned in my last post that once Blair and I got back from our honeymoon we tried to plan a few treats for ourselves to avoid the post-holiday blues.  Luckily for us, there were a couple of exhibitions happening in Edinburgh that we fancied going to see in the week we got back.

Edinburgh is a fab city for culture - it feels like there's always something going on, so if you're a fan of art or museums then you can pretty much find something to do every week.  Unfortunately we just missed the M.C Escher exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery as it ended the day before we flew back from Greece - such a shame as I'm sure that would have been really cool.  Never mind, we did make it to two pretty cool things though:

welcome to....

Here-Now, Rodney St Tunnel, Edinburgh

This is an exhibition of photos submitted by locals from 4 cities - Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Istanbul.  For me, the exhibition was exciting for two reasons:

1) I had no idea that there were a network of tunnels underneath Edinburgh (check out this map!) that you could explore.

2) As well as photos of my beautiful home city of Edinburgh, I found it pretty cool that Copenhagen (the city where we got engaged) also featured.  And funnily enough, Blair had visited another one of the cities, Hamburg, for his stag do the month before.  A cool little coincidence!

The exhibition wasn't as big as I imagined - the Rodney St tunnel is quite short so you can walk through in a couple of minutes.  I really enjoyed seeing all the hidden gems from cities as seen by the eyes of locals.

Also, the tunnel exits into a hidden little play park which looked like so much fun, if there hadn't of been children playing in it at the time, I'm sure we would have had a little go ourselves.  They even had an outdoor table tennis table - how cool is that?!

John Chamberlain at Inverleith House, Edinburgh

When it comes to art I'm not hugely bothered about paintings (especially really old ones, yawn) but I love modern art and sculptures - the weirder the better!  American artist John Chamberlain is known for creating really colourful and vibrant pieces - using a lot of salvaged metals and car parts.

As well as pieces inside Inverleith House like the twisted metals and sponge sculptures pictured above, they also had large outdoor sculptures that looked like twisted elephant trunks (or to me they did anyway!).  I feel like I've used the word "cool" far too many times in this post already, but....it was very cool!

Scottish Opera's Carmen at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Having never been to the opera before I was super excited to receive an invitation to a performance of Carmen in Glasgow.  I took my pal Jemma along as my plus one (a thank you for taking me along to the Printing Press launch the previous week!), so after work on Tuesday we hopped on a train through to Glasgow, M&S cocktails at the ready.

The evening started with a glass of Prosecco on the roof of the theatre, with a view across Glasgow.  Pretty snazzy eh?!  I'd never been to the Theatre Royal before but I was really impressed - what a beautiful building!  The theatre itself reminded me a bit of the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, but I think it was actually nicer (sorry Edinburgh!).  I'd definitely come back for another show.

Onto the show itself - like I said, I've never been to an opera before so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  The first surprise was that it is 3 hours long.  3 hours!!  To be fair it didn't feel like 3 hours - it totally flew by (in fact, we didn't realise it had run over slightly so had to BOLT for our train back to Edinburgh).  The second surprise was that there were subtitles!  I had envisaged that I'd kind of be in the dark the whole time, trying to work out what was happening based on body language (hahah!).  So although it was all in French, it was waaaay easier to understand the storyline than I thought it would be.

The cast were superb, some of the voices were breath-taking - Justina Gringyte as Carmen in particular was stunning.  Noah Stewart as her lover Don Jose was also brilliant, and ladies.....swit-swoo he is FIT.

So yes, overall I really enjoyed my first opera experience.  I've found myself humming the songs the last few days - all together now "Toreador en guaaaaarde, toreador, toreador".

Carmen is at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow until the 17th of October and then travels to Aberdeen, Inverness, and Edinburgh. Tickets can be purchased online here.

And finally....
I never do this, buuuuut I've set myself a wee personal target of reaching 500 subscribers on my Youtube channel by the end of the year, so I would absolutely love it if you would subscribe (if you aren't already of course!).  If you want an intro to my channel, here's a couple of my favourite videos that I've posted in the last year:

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  1. I've never been to Edinburgh but would love to go - I didn't realise there were a whole host of tunnels either! xx