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Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Hello!  First things first….I am a married lady now!  How exciting is that?!  I'm not long back from my honeymoon in Greece (more on that later) and now have almost a week at home before I go back to work/reality.  There will be posts coming soon all about my hen do, wedding and honeymoon - although I'd ideally like to wait until I've got some of the official photographs back before I do a wedding post so that one might be a wee while.  The wedding was even more amazing than I hoped it would be, it's true what they say - it really is the best day of your life!

In the meantime though, I started writing this post several weeks before the wedding as I'd been buying a few new makeup bits to use on the day.  Time kind of ran away from me though in the weeks leading up to the big day as there was soooo many things to organise, so I'm only just getting round to finishing it now.  On the plus side though, I've now had a chance to use all of the products so I can actually give you a review.

YSL -Touche Eclat 
I really wanted a brightening under eye concealer and thought I'd treat myself to the famous Touche Eclat.  I'm sure I've tried this before, maybe 10 years ago or something - too long to actually remember how I got on with it though.  It does a good job of adding a highlight to the skin, and therefore is a decent brightening product for under the eyes, but I wouldn't say it's holy grail level or worth all the hype it gets.  Nice as a little treat, but not something I'd repurchase again.

Sleek - Brow Perfector in Light Brown
I've been looking for an easy brow product for a while that I could use for a quick brow tidy on minimal makeup days, and picked this up on a recent Boots browse.  It's not great - the product on the brush is quite dark considering it's "light brown", but it does what I needed it to do.  I can quickly brush this onto my brows and it sets them in place with a bit of colour.  One thing I would say though is if you prefer your brows to feel natural or gelled as opposed to hard (almost crunchy) then this isn't for you.

By Terry - Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon
Ahhhh Ombre Blackstar, how I love you.  I bought Misty Rock as a treat to myself when I got my 1.5 stone award in December with Slimming World and instantly fell in love with it - the packaging is great, the texture of the product is silky and super pigmented, the colour is stunning, and it lasts all day without creasing.  The dream.  Misty Rock has a purple undertone to it so for that reason I didn't feel like it was really wearable for every day and saved it more for special occasions/nights out.  I loved the product so much though that I decided to buy it in another shade, one that was more of a general day to day colour.

Bronze Moon was the colour I settled on - a rich bronze that looks soooo beautiful on (see below).  I'd been wearing it almost daily for a few weeks and took it on honeymoon with me, along with Misty Rock.  However, disaster struck on the way home - I'm not sure how, but the product has somehow melted away in the lid and now looks like this.  Waaaaaaaah!!!  I'm so upset, it's only about a month old and now it's pretty much unsalvageable.  So sad :(  I'm not sure I can justify spending another £30 just yet on a replacement but I will definitely be repurchasing at some point.  For now though, at least I have the memories…

Fleur De Force Lashes for Eylure - Fleur Loves
Loads of bloggers/Youtubers seem to be coming out with products and books these days, but this is the first time I've actually bought anything.  I'm definitely a false lash novice, no matter how hard I try I just can't get on with them, but I really fancied wearing them on my wedding day and thought I'd give these a try.  Now I had someone doing my makeup on the day so I didn't actually apply these myself (so I've not conquered the world of false lash application just yet), buuuut they were great!  They looked really natural and fitted well (as they are 3/4 length strips, so no need to cut to fit or anything), and stayed in place all night.  Well done Fleur!

Benefit Rollerlash
This is a repurchase, as I'm close to finishing a tube of this.  It is without a doubt the BEST mascara I have tried in the last few years.  It makes my lashes look really full and long, it doesn't dry up, aaaaand it comes off easily.  The holy trinity.  I wore this on my wedding day along with the Fleur Loves lashes and my lashes looked great.  Definitely my current favourite product!

Real Techniques - Retractable Bronzer Brush & Concealer Brush
I'm a big fan of Real Techniques brushes, they are basically the only ones that I use, with the exception of a Models Own blush brush.  I've tried almost the whole range (the original ones anyway, I haven't tried the bold metals yet), my favourite being the Expert Face Brush which is ideal for foundation application.  I wanted a new brush for powder as I accidentally singed my big powder brush with a hairdryer (tip - a hairdryer won't speed up the drying process when cleaning your makeup brushes, it just burns them) so thought I'd try the Retractable Bronzer Brush.  I really like this, as it's retractable the packaging is really handy for travelling.  As with all the RT brushes the bristles are super soft, and it's really wide too so is perfect for finishing powder.  The Concealer Brush is ok, although I think I prefer using the domed shadow brush from the eye set for concealer instead - the Concealer Brush is a bit thin and scratchy for my liking.

Essie in Limo-Scene & Maybelline Color Show in Sugar Crystals
I bought this combo of a light pink Essie polish and glittery nude pink Maybelline top coat to wear on my wedding day but after spotting a gorgeous bronze glittery polish near the tills in New Look a few days later I knew it would be perfect.  So in the end I went for the New Look bronze on top of the Essie pink, as you can see below.  As a result, I haven't actually used the Maybelline one yet, so can't give you a review of that, but as with all Essie polishes this one applied well and had great staying power.

I'll tell you more about the rings in my upcoming wedding posts! :)


  1. Yayyyyy! Glad to see you posting again! I love the idea of "crunchy eyebrows", just so bloody delicious. Ahem. Also, I lovvvvvve that By Terry eyeshadow thing on you. I think I might really want to buy it! Gulp! Xxx

  2. Eeeee so excited for the wedding posts! It looked so beautiful. I recently picked up Fleur's lashes too and I'm so surprised by how much I love them - they're so lightweight and really easy to apply even for someone like me who's rubbish at putting them on! I find it helps if you bend the lashes a bit to make them more flexible first, and they seem to blend in better if you do a little bit of liner and apply a coat of mascara before applying them xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels