Throwback Thursday: Fancy Dress

Thursday, 13 August 2015
Last weekend I went to an 80's themed 30th birthday party dressed as Madonna.  I was planning on doing a full outfit post but the pictures didn't come out great so that idea went out of the window.  Here's a pre-party selfie though!

It was a pretty simple outfit - black jeggins and a vest top with a black kimono/cardi over the top, then shitloads of jewellery (and lace gloves, obvs).  Hair was backcombed to fuck with a quiff and headband.  Makeup wise I went for a a brown smoky eye, red lip, lots of bronzer, and of course that famous Madonna mole.

The party was at an old school pals house, so I went back to my parents place to get ready to avoid getting the bus in my Madonna makeup.  It felt like the old days, getting ready in my old bedroom and then getting a lift from my mum to the party.  Before heading out I had a look through a few boxes of old photos as I need a couple of childhood pictures for the wedding.

There were a couple of fancy dress pics from when I was little and I thought they would make a fun blog post.  I've always been a fan of DIY fancy dress costumes (as I mentioned here), and I clearly got it from my mother as she put together some crackers when I was wee….

Fairy - age 5 (so. much. makeup!)

Cheerleader - age 7

Mickey Mouse - age 7

Silver Wedding - age 7

I thought that last one was pretty apt!  It's funny, my actual wedding dress looks exactly like this, even right down to the tin foil waistband….ahem.

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