Picnic Cocktail Package at Monboddo

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ahh summer in Scotland.  The myth, the legend.  That joyous moment in August (sometimes July, sometimes May) where we get to experience a solid week of "taps aff" sunshine.  A week where we'll complain about melting on stifling hot buses or sweating in stuffy festival venues, being chased by wasps and midges, and the fact that our pasty skin will burn a beautiful shade of pink after spending 5 minutes outside.  But what a week!

In case you can't tell by that sarcastic tone, we generally don't get the best luck with summer weather in Scotland.  I had a call with a client in Hampshire the other day and she was complaining about it being "only" 19 degrees.  When I told her it was set to rain for the next 5 days in Edinburgh she exclaimed "awwww Lynne, that's terrible", as if I'd just given her some grave news. 

Monboddo Bar on Bread Street have taken advantage of our run of bad weather though by creating an indoor cocktail picnic package.  No need to worry about your picnic being rained off, you can enjoy picnic platters with cocktails in a cosy bar with a view of Edinburgh Castle.  I went along for lunch with a couple of my Edinburgh blogger pals the other weekend to try it out.

Your cocktail picnic starts off with a nice glass of Pimms followed by your choice of 2 cocktail samples (basically a cocktail in a champagne flute).  For eating you get a platter to share with cute mini burgers, jacket potato bites and corn on the cob, followed by a lovely refreshing cocktail sorbet.  I did kind of wish there was a dessert course though - a platter of mini cakes would have gone down a treat.

At £25 per person it is a bit of an expensive lunch, so I think it's more of a fun one-off rather than something I'd be doing on the regular.  It would be a nice start to a day of shopping with the girls, or even a hen do or birthday treat.  

Ironically it had actually been a beautiful sunny day when we went along for our lunch, but as if to prove a point that an indoor picnic was the better idea, the minute we left the heavens opened and we all got absolutely soaked (because OF COURSE we didn't bring jackets or umbrellas).  Ahhh Scotland.

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