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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I've recently been searching through old albums on Facebook to find photos from all the holidays Blair and I have been on together (for a wedding related project).  So I thought it would be fun to share some on here along with a few holiday memories.

museum island - berlin

 a right pair of tits

gone 'a paddlin'

bbc television centre tour

Whilst staying in Southend-on-Sea one summer, we got up at 6am to make our way to Wimbledon only to get there and discover that the queue for day tickets was "several hours long", so we had to turn back.  No one wants to get up at 6am when on your holiday, especially if it turns out to be a complete waste of time.

Das boot
Taking out a paddle boat at the Frankfurt Botanic Gardens and being the only people on the lake, asides from a couple of ducks.  So peaceful, and a lot of fun.

Love locks
Forgetting to bring an engraved padlock with us to Paris to add to the love locks bridge so having to buy one last minute and then sticking a plaster on it with our initials in biro.  I'm sure that washed off within a week.

in bruges

memento park - budapest

nyhavn - copenhagen

beaut views in pitlochry

It's like a fairytale
Going round Bruges recreated scenes from the film In Bruges - and being disappointed to discover that the bandstand was surrounded by scaffolding, ruining our selfie plans.

Check out the vi…..oh
For our trip to Copenhagen last year we'd booked a hotel overlooking the main square so we'd have great views of the city hall.  Unfortunately when we arrived we discovered that they were in the middle of building a metro stop so the whole square was a building site.  Yaaaay, early morning drill noises.

Back of the net
Sitting in our apartment eating chicken and pesto pasta whilst watching Alan Partridge DVDs every night of our Budapest holiday as we were too scared to attempt eating out and having to translate impenetrable Hungarian menus.

doctor who experience

jumpin jumpin

york minster

poor RICKY

Let's bounce
Being the only adults jumping on the sidewalk trampolines in Copenhagen.  Bring these to Scotland please!

Getting drunk on VK's at a nightclub in Newcastle on our first trip away together, laughing our heads off at the mis-spelt flyers for Calvin from Hollyoaks' upcoming PA (it really wasn't that funny).

Old and sullen
Crossing paths with James Smith, aka Glenn Cullen from The Thick of It, whilst on holiday in York.  If we hadn't of been in the middle of the road at the time I'd have asked for a photo.

arc du triomphe - paris

the abandoned spreepark - berlin

lake in berlin

for a time I did this pose in every hotel room we stayed in

I can see the head
Being put off childbirth for life thanks to a lovely exhibit at the natural history museum in Frankfurt with graphic head coming out of foof imagery.

It's a kids ride, honest
Tricking Blair into going on Tower on Terror at Disneyland Paris by neglecting to mention the lift drop.  His sweary screams at the top were something to behold.

Mr & Mrs
And finally, our hosts at Cambo House predicting the future on my surprise birthday trip in St Andrews.


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