My Lush Spa Experience

Friday, 17 July 2015
terrible photo, I know

I’ve never been a spa girl. In fact I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been for a spa treatment, and most of those have been tasters at blog events. My only non-blog event related spa experience was a facial at The Scotsman as part of a work summer do about 7 years ago. The common theme there being that I’ve never actually paid for a spa treatment. It’s not that I don’t like it – I’ve really enjoyed all of the treatments I’ve had so far, but for some reason it’s never really on my radar when it comes to treating myself – especially now as I’m 9 weeks away from getting married so my non-essential spending is at a minimum.

Recently though Santander got in touch to tell me about their new 123 credit card and with it came the opportunity to give myself a one-off special treat. I’m already a big fan of cashback sites - I never buy anything online without checking if it’s on Topcashback. If you shop online a lot and aren’t signed up to a cashback service then you definitely should – it’s basically money for nothing, as you were going to buy those things anyway. Anyway, the Santander 123 Credit Card works just like a cashback site, although you don’t have to visit a site and click a link in order for the purchase to be registered, you just shop away and you’ll make a small amount of money for transactions at all major supermarkets, department stores and petrol stations. Pretty cool eh?

In order to give you an idea of how much cashback you could be in for they have created a nifty little tool where you put in your average monthly spend and it gives you an estimated total cashback amount for the year. When I had a play around with it my total came to £72 – and Santander rather kindly offered to put that £72 towards a treat of my choice.

As this was the perfect opportunity to treat myself to something I wouldn’t normally do, the first thing that sprung to mind was a Lush Spa treatment. I’ve heard so many great things about the Lush Spa, and they seem to have such a unique offering (I mean I can’t imagine many places offer a treatment that includes palm reading - like The Planets, or a massage where you wear pyjamas - like Hard Days Night). I’m a big fan of sweet smells so I decided to go for The Comforter as the chocolate and rose combo of products sounded absolutely amazing.

Now as I said at the start, I’m not a big spa person so I don’t have a lot to compare my Lush Spa treatment too – but I can definitely say that the experience was like no other I’ve had before. For a start, the spa itself is laid out like a country cottage which is absolutely adorable. Whilst I was getting my initial pre-treatment chat from my therapist (talking me through the treatment and the products) we were sat in the kitchen area and it did literally feel like I was just sitting in someones cottage in the middle of the countryside. So cute!

After our chat I was lead into my treatment room and left to strip off and get on the bed (oooo-er). As the name would suggest – The Comforter is all about keeping you comfortable, so you’re lying on a heated bed, underneath a sheet and a snugly duvet. Only one part of your body is exposed at a time, so they take out your left arm, apply the hot chocolate exfoliating scrub then place it back under the sheet & duvet, moving onto your left leg and doing the same, then the right side. Once the scrub has been applied and massaged in it, it is removed with a warm damp mitt (oooh I loved this part, it was so cosy!), and then it’s time to turn over so the process can be repeated on the back. Finally a rose oil serum is massaged into your back, arms, legs and feet. And it was at this point I became so relaxed I almost fell asleep.

Oh also I’ve realised that I forgot to mention one of the most exciting parts – at one point I opened my eyes to find that the room had filled with bubbles! So not only did my skin smell like chocolate, I was surrounded by rose scented bubbles. You can definitely tell that they’ve taken inspiration from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (they even had Pure Imagination playing in the background).

My hour long treatment completely flew by, before I knew it my therapist was saying “that’s your treatment over, I’ll meet you in the kitchen when you’re ready”. I was so relaxed that when I opened my mouth to say “ok” literally no sound came out.

After I got myself dressed (by the way, jeggings are a terrible idea if you’re going to be covered in oils!) I went through to the kitchen where there was a cocktail glass with some candy floss in it (intriguing!). A rose flavoured drink was then poured over the top, dissolving the candy floss, leaving you with a lovely sweet juice which I sipped on whilst leaning back in my comfy chair feeling incredibly chilled (and a bit trippy). The sugar helped bring me back to life so I managed to walk out of the place without toppling over (I didn’t realise massages leave you so light headed!).

I think my experience might have actually converted me into a spa girl. It was the perfect way to spend an evening after a busy day at work - a chance to completely relax and have a bit of “me-time”, and as The Comforter promised – drift off into a world of pure imagination. My therapist was so lovely (I can't remember her name, ahh sorry!) and made me feel completely at ease, she was also incredibly knowledgeable about the products (as you’d expect from Lush), telling me all about the inspiration behind them and the benefits of each ingredient. I learnt that cacao is incredibly good for you, so if that’s not an excuse for me to eat a lot of chocolate I don’t know what is.  My skin felt incredible for days afterwards too - I couldn't stop stroking my arms!

I’ve already been looking at their treatment list and planning a visit the week after I come back from my honeymoon – a spa day is probably the best way to ease me back into reality after coming down from my wedding/honeymoon high! So you’ve been to the Lush Spa please let me know what you thought of your treatment and if you’ve got any recommendations for my next visit. At the moment I’m torn between The Good Hour or The Spell.

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  1. Ahh this has made me so excited for booking my Lush massage - I've had the voucher for ages and just never had to time to get round to it! Definitely going to book as a post holiday pick me up to combat Disney Depression :L x