How I actually spend my weekends

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The other weekend I was lying in bed scrolling through Instagram, flicking past image after image of typical Saturday morning "blogger rituals".  Cue fruit smoothies with homemade pancakes and berries (#cleaneating), soft white duvets and cute pets ("not moving from here all weekend"), fully made up selfies ("hello weekend!"), coffee shop lattes ("fuel for a day of shopping"), and so. many. peonies.  

I looked at myself in my mismatched PJs with my messy hair and wonky glasses (I'm pretty sure one of my ears is higher than the other), with my grand plans of "watching all of series 4 of Pretty Little Liars" stretching out in front of me and I thought - "am I a complete bore?".  

The answer of course is NO.  

Yes, I may spend 75% of my weekends in the house doing nothing, but I'm pretty happy with that.  I work hard all week so I like the fact that I can then spend 2 days with no makeup on, in comfy clothes, watching TV, online shopping, and catching up on my Bloglovin feed.  

Also I'm fairly sure that this is how most people spend their weekends too, and that this is all perfectly normal.  Instagram gets the cherry picked version of our lives, so I'm here to give you an unfiltered version of how I *actually* spent a recent weekend.


I wake up at 9 and think to myself "OK I'll just catch up on social media for like half an hour then I'll get up".  An hour and an a half later I've cycled through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, emails, and Bloglovin until there's nothing new to read, and I'm now about to run out of Candy Crush lives.  I finally get up at 10.30, stick on a jumper and head through to the kitchen/living room where B is making himself a cooked breakfast. 

I step in to make the scrambled eggs, as I'm apparently an expert at it, despite the fact I won't eat them myself (urgh).  The smell of his breakfast is making me hungry so I make myself some bacon and omelette on toast, and settle down to watch a few Youtube videos on my laptop as B has commandeered the TV for a day of sport.

After breakfast I make a rough plan of things to do for the weekend, including writing 3 blog posts, cleaning the bathroom, and washing my makeup brushes.  Before I start that though I make myself at home on my armchair to get through a couple of videos on my Youtube Watch Later list.  

"A couple of videos" turns into a couple of hours, and before I know it, it's time for lunch.  I'd had plans to make myself a stir fry but by now I'm quite hungry and that seems like a lot of hassle so I end up just eating cooked chicken straight from the packet, followed by a cookie.

After lunch I head through to the bedroom to sort through the pile of clothes that I've been chucking into my wardrobe all week.  I also unpack my suitcase from my trip to London that's been sitting there for 5 days.  Whilst in the bedroom I take some poorly lit photos for a couple of upcoming blog posts, and film the clips for my Handbag Collection video.

Back in the living room, whatever sport B has been watching is now over so we go through our weeks' recordings of Pointless, whilst I sit and scrawl notes for the blog posts I just took photos for.  I consider typing up the blog post but can't really be bothered, so instead I start designing some artwork for our wedding on Fotor.

By now it's dinner time and I want to try recreate these amazing looking sweet potato fries from Gillians recipe post - I don't get them "quite" as crispy looking as hers, but they're pretty good.  After dinner it's time for another TV marathon from our Sky Planner, this time it's the turn of Hannibal (we're working our way through series 2 at the moment).  

By 11.30 I get into bed and read a couple of chapters of American Psycho before drifting off to sleep.  Here's a tip though - don't read this book before bed unless you want creepy nightmares.


Sunday morning is much like Saturday, with another hour of iPhone time in bed before finally getting up.  I stick my jumper from yesterday back on and then realise that I've basically been wearing the same clothes since Friday.  Feeling slightly disgusted I put on fresh undies and socks and head through to the living room.  

B is attempting his own eggs this morning, with my supervision, although somehow despite doing everything I did the day before they still turn out weird and runny.  My watch is not over.

For my own breakfast I have the Special K that I brought home in my suitcase from my work trip earlier in the week (a leftover from my room service breakfast as I wasn't hungry enough).  

There's more sport on the TV (it never ends), so I watch Pretty Little Liars on my laptop whilst drafting this blog post in my notebook and then typing up the hair review from my scrawlings yesterday.  

A few episodes later I stop for lunch.  I'm a bit more adventurous today - there's even plates involved.  I make some pizza toast with stir fried veg and a handful of crisps on the side.

The afternoon is (yet again) spent on the sofa, making my way through my Youtube Watch Later list, with a few PLL episodes in between.  Note that I haven't yet done any of the chores I mentioned at the start of this blog post….

After dinner (chicken sausage risotto) I go in the shower - I consider taking my makeup brushes with me so I can wash them at the same time (this is my no1 lazy girls beauty tip by the way), but I don't have a lot of time before Humans starts so that's another chore left to a later date.  I always plan on having a lovely long pampering shower session on a Sunday but 9 times out of 10 I leave it far to late and have to speedily wash my hair and be out and in PJs in time for a TV show starting.

After Humans we get into bed and stick on a Thick of It DVD - with me falling asleep halfway through the first episode.  

And that's it - weekend over, with nothing really to show from it apart from one scheduled blog post, and a dent in my Youtube subscriptions list and PLL & Hannibal box sets.

Now obviously this isn't how I spend EVERY weekend - in fact the weekend after this I was through in Aberdeen for a family party - but if I don't have plans (and that's at least 2 weekends in the month I'd say), then this is my standard routine.  

I don't really know what the point in me writing this up was, but I guess I'm kind of hoping other people say "yeah this is how I spend most weekends too", validating my laziness.  Ha!  So yeah….please reassure me that you don't all have action packed Instagram friendly weekends all the time?  

Here's to the no makeup, no bra, unwashed PJ brigade.  High 5 team!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! This is completely open and honest and the best. It made me laugh so much as it is me! This is what a lot of my weekends look like too but it is just nice to chill and relax sometimes and not do a lot. I was watching Orange is the New Black on binge but now that is done, I'll need to find something else. I can happily read through bloglovin feed and browse the internet for hours before realising I've done it and the chores always get left to last. Oh well. xx