What I've Been Watching #1

Sunday, 7 June 2015

I know, I know….I do have a terrible habit of uploading posts that are "#1" of a series that never then actually gets off the ground, but I promise that won't happen this time.  I've been meaning to start a regular feature where I tell you about TV shows and films that I've been watching recently and after watching my friend Lynsey's May TV favourites video this afternoon it reminded me that this has been on my to-do list for a while.  I'm not sure if this will be a monthly thing (which is why I've not called it What I've Been Watching May / June), but whenever I've got a couple of new shows/films to update you on then I'll do another one.  And given how much TV I watch these days that might be quite soon.

Broad City

This is probably the funniest show that you haven't yet heard of.  I haven't seen anyone talk about this on Twitter or Youtube or in blogs and they totally should be as it's brilliant.  It stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as, em….Abbi and Ilana - two twenty-something pals living in New York City, working shitty jobs and just trying to have the time of their lives.  My favourite episode so far was Pu$$y Weed where the title will become clear about 5 minutes in to the episode….or Working Girls where Abbi has to trek across the city to collect a parcel for her neighbour who she is obsessed with (the moment where she dropkicks a rotisserie chicken to punish her roommates boyfriend for failing to cooperate in their scam to get the parcel is just brilliant).

Also, my lady-love Amy Poehler is one of the shows exec producers and if that's not a sign of its greatness then I don't know what is.

Murder in Successville

Probably the weirdest premise for a TV show that I've heard in a long time - each week a celebrity is immersed in a fake cop show set in a town called Successville where a murder needs solved.  As the name would suggest, the town of Successville is populated by celebrities, although not the real ones obviously, for example Reese Witherspoon runs a chain of pubs (it took me 2 episodes to realise the joke there…..Witherspoons….Wetherspoons….).  

The guest celebrity visits several witnesses with their cop colleague DI Sleet (played by Tom Davis) and by the end of the episode they have to solve the crime and decide who they think has committed the murder.  If they get it wrong then god help them when station boss Gordon Ramsey finds out….

It sounds odd right?  I didn't think I'd find it that funny but I've really been enjoying it - especially as the guest celebs (like Dermot O Leary, Jamie Laing, Deborah Meaden, and Greg James) have all been properly getting involved which makes it all the more hilarious.  Definitely worth checking it out on iPlayer.

Pretty Little Liars

I was a bit late to the party here and only started watching this in the last month or so on Netflix.  I've already binge watched the first 3 series and am now onto Series 4, so at this rate I should hopefully be up to date with the new eps in a few weeks.

I put off watching it for so long as I was convinced I wouldn't enjoy it - I like to think I'm too mature for shows like this now that I'm 30, but, yeah definitely not.  The same thing happened with Gossip Girl, for ages I was like "urgh it sounds so crap" and then I ended up watching the whole thing over the space of like 2 months and was all "Chuck and Blair forever xoxo".  

I kind of like that this is so ridiculous and unrealistic, it means literally ANYTHING could happen next and that's what keeps me hooked.  I've come to look forward to any time that Blair is out of the house as it means I can put PLL on the big TV.  That's probably a sign I'm a bit *too* obsessed isn't it?


Another show I've been binge watching on Netflix is Community, which has become our "stick something on in the background" show.  I've already watched all of the episodes before, but as soon as they added it to Netflix we started watching it from the beginning again and I remembered how amazing it is.  Some of the episodes are just so damn good that I can't quite believe it's not everyones favourite TV show.  There's not anything quite like Community out there and it has one of the best casts on TV.  If you do decide to give it a go please push past the so-so first few episodes, trust me it will be worth it.

As well as rewatching the old series we've also been catching the new 6th season which has just finished airing.  The finale is as perfect as you could imagine - the premise being that each character imagines what season 7 could be.  It's so meta that I feel like it needs at least 2 replays to fully take it all in, but I am more than happy to put in the time.


Have you been watching any of these?  Anything you're loving that you think I should check out?

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