Spring Cleaning

Friday, 12 June 2015

There's something about Spring that just makes me want to start emptying cupboards, chucking things in bin bags and have a good old clear out.  So that's precisely what we've been doing for the last few weeks, primarily tackling our spare room which has become a bit of a dumping ground.  The wardrobe was at the point where it physically wouldn't take any more STUFF, so it was well overdue a serious tidy.

We're big recyclers in our house and try to avoid sticking things into landfill if we can help it, so I've been doing a lot of research into where we can offload our unloved and unwanted items in the best possible way.  I feel like I've learnt A LOT about what you can pass on to be reused/recycled in the last few weeks so thought I'd share some of this knowledge with you all.  Hopefully you can find a new home for some of your clutter too - all the more space to buy new things ;)

Clothes, shoes & handbags

My first port of call for clothing items that are in decent condition is always eBay.  In the last few months I've sold about 25 items - from dresses, to handbags, to cardigans - some that were worn, and some that even still had tags on (naughty).  I've made close to £200 from my auctions which I'm pretty pleased with - and I'm even more impressed that I managed to put it straight into my savings account for the wedding rather than spending it on more stuff (which is what I normally do…).

For clothes that are still wearable but not necessarily good enough to sell you could take them to a Cash For Clothes shop where they'll give you around 50p per kg.  It's not a lot, but every penny counts and all that.

So that's two ways you can make money from your old clothes, but if you just want to pass them on without profit then you could take to a charity shop or put in a textile recycling point.  If you're putting shoes in here make sure they are tied in pairs.

Household textiles (curtains, towels, bedding etc)

Things like towels, bedlinen and curtains can also be put in textile recycling bins at your nearest recycling centre, alongside clothes.  However if you've got things like blankets that are still usable then I'd suggest taking them to somewhere like a homeless shelter or a dog & cat home.

Duvets and pillows can't be recycled, so don't try to squish them in recycling bins as it just clogs them up and they will end up chucked in landfill anyway.  As with blankets, it's best to try pass these on to a shelter / home - or if you're from Edinburgh then places like the Edinburgh Clothing Store and Fresh Start will accept these too.


As well as selling on via eBay or donating to a charity shop, you can also send off old or unwanted jewellery in the post to raise money for the Alzheimers Society.  They accept all types of jewellery, so it doesn't have to be gold/silver, - that means yes,  they will take those plastic bangles you thought were a good idea 2 years ago.   If you visit their website or email fundraising@alzheimers.org.uk you can request the freepost envelopes (I've sent off about 6 now!). 


As a blogger / obsessive product buyer I've accumulated a lot of beauty products that have gone unused and are taking up precious space in my drawers.  Things like shampoo / shower gels / body lotions / soap etc are ideal for passing on to a local shelter, or an organisation like the Rock Trust (unopened obviously - no one wants your half empty bottles of moisturiser folks).  

Again eBay is also worth trying if you've got almost full bottles of products that just didn't work for you (like that Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which is languishing in my bathroom cabinet) - or similarly running a blog sale or posting on Instagram / Twitter.

DVDs, CDs, & Books

Your local charity shop or library would gladly accept good condition books - or you can use sites like Book Crossing or Read It Swap It to exchange books online.  DVDs and CDs can also be donated to charity shops, or if you can be bothered then you could try eBay or Music Magpie to make a few pounds.

If you've got old discs from laptops / cameras etc, or free DVDs/CDs from magazines - basically any kind of disc that can't really be reused - then you can send them off to Polymer Recycling.


Small electrical items like kettles, toasters, laptops etc as well as cables and chargers can be taken to your local recycling centre.  If you have items that could be refurbished and sold on then try selling / giving away for free on Gumtree, or donate to a company like Computers 4 Africa,  Donate APC, or Pass IT On.

If you want more information of what can be recycled and where, then I'd recommend checking out the Changeworks website as they've got loads of great info (I'm not being sponsored by them - I've just found them a really great resource).

So now that our spare room has plenty of….emm…spare room, again - I've been using the empty wardrobe space to store our increasing collection of wedding DIY bits (30 painted jars and tins and counting…).  I swear it's taking all of my willpower to not start decorating my house with it all - everything looks so pretty it's a shame to keep it in a box!  

I did give in recently though and used one of the jars as a vase as I needed somewhere to put this beaut of a bouquet.  Nothing says Spring more than fresh flowers eh? The perfect accompaniment to a newly tidy and clutter free house!

I was kindly sent this beautiful peony bouquet from Blossoming Gifts who offer flower delivery online.    They do a wide range of flower gifts for all occasions, as well as hampers and wine too (my flowers came with a unexpected box of praline chocolates too!).   I find it amazing that you can get flowers delivered in a box, that come out looking as perfect as this - like, how do they not die in there?? 

If you'd like to treat yo self (or someone else) to a bouquet from Blossoming Gifts then you can get 33% off your order with the discount code BGIFTS33 (although this excludes the flowers by post range).



  1. ALSO, if you have any dresses/ any clothes at all that you don't want, you have a pal who would always take them off your hands... ;-) xx

  2. I love Peonies! Thanks for the discount code.

    Check out my Kylie Jenner MAC Lipliner giveaway <3