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Friday, 19 June 2015
I used to be really good at using this blog to update you on what has been going on in my life.  Back in 2012 I had a 'Week in Instagram' feature (like this one) where I shared photos from the week and summarised what I'd been up to.  

That became a bit too hard to maintain though so in 2013 I moved to a monthly 'Life Update' (like this one) where as well as sharing photos from the month I also gave a run down of what I'd been watching, reading and listening to, as well as some fun blog stats.

In 2014 I got lazy and cut my monthly update post down to a series of photo highlights (like this one), and then this year I haven't even bothered to do that!

I've seen a couple of other bloggers do 'camera roll' style updates though and, being ever the original, I thought I'd do one too.  So here's some photos from my iPhone that paint a story of what I've been up to over the last few weeks.

Top row -  I've been sorting the final suppliers for our wedding so have recently been getting trials for make up and hair.  Definitely want to make sure that I've had a test run of those before the day so I can make sure I'm happy.  The hair photo was from the next day when I brushed out all my curls - who knew that was how you got big hair?!

Bottom leftKirsty kindly took me along as her plus one for dinner at Gusto recently.  I opted for a hoisin duck pizza for my main so was feeling pretty stuffed, but our waiter managed to convince us that the chocolate fondue sharing dessert was too good to resist.  He was right, it was daaaaaamn good. 

Bottom right - Another meal out as I headed through to Glasgow for lunch with Kirsty, Gillian, Roisin and Gill who was up from that London for a visit.  I accidentally ordered a really spicy starter so ended up eating the ice cubes out of my cocktail to try cool down my mouth.  Such a wimp.

Top left - We've been in our new office for almost a year now but I still can't get over how amazing the view is, especially on a beautiful sunny day.  Hello Edinburgh Castle!

Top right - When I came home from my lunch in Glasgow I mentioned above, Blair surprised me with a wee gift he'd picked up from a market in Edinburgh.  It's a Doctor Who necklace!  Aaaaand, it has a clock in the inside.  How cool?!

Bottom left - I was really bad with reading last year, I think I ended up only getting through about 5 books in the whole year (I know!).  This year though I've been getting through quite a lot and have found myself really enjoying going to bed early and getting stuck into a book.  I'm currently reading Northline after finishing Into The Wild the other week, and next up on my list is American Psycho.

Bottom right - My friend Holly is having her second baby in 2 weeks time and I picked up this absolutely adorable dress from Debenhams for the wee one when she arrives.  If they sold this in an adult size I'd be all over it, it's so cuuuute!

Top row - This week has been pretty busy work-wise.  I flew down to Southampton first thing Monday morning (nothing like a 4am alarm to kick off the week!) where I was visiting Chewton Glen in the New Forest.  The hotel is absolutely beautiful so I always get so excited when I go down to visit them, especially when there's an overnight stay involved.  The trip got even more exciting when my colleague discovered a bottle of Taittinger on ice in his room - that certainly made an evening of email catchups more interesting!  We finished off the night watching the Game of Thrones finale in my room, in our dressing gowns (on a sofa I should add).  Not at all weird.

Bottom row - The next day we were up super early again for a train through to London where I had another couple of meetings planned.  I stupidly ended up walking halfway across London in new sandals - cue a million blisters!  Once my meetings were done I hobbled my way over to Victoria to meet my friend Anna for a post-work drink before my flight home.  It was lovely to get a catch up with her, we used to live together back in the uni days but as we live at opposite ends of the country now we rarely see each other.  After a short but sweet catch up I headed out to Gatwick for my flight back to Edinburgh where we had the most amazing views - check how red that sunset is!

Hopefully you liked the return of my chatty catch ups!  Let me know what you've been up to in the comments :)

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