Revolution Edinburgh

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Last week I was invited to try the new menu at Revolution (aka the best type of blogger mail you can ask for), so Blair and I went along after work ready for a feast.

To start we decided to share a couple of small plates rather than choosing a starter each, so went for a garlic flatbread and buttermilk fried chicken.  The chicken was ace, really succulent and juicy and coated in tempura like breadcrumbs.  We had a choice of dips for the chicken - big easy mayo, blue cheese, or hot buffalo - as neither of us like mayo or blue cheese we opted for the hot sauce.  Now I am a major wimp when it comes to spice so I barely touched this, so it's a shame they didn't have something like sweet chilli or bbq sauce on the menu as I would have went to town on that (I bloody love a good bbq sauce).

For mains we both went for burgers - a bourbon bad boy for Blair and smoking' bacon for me.  The burger was perfect - not too greasy and not too dry, and it came in a brioche bun which is my absolute favourite type of…..burger….jacket.  The only bit I'd change on mine was the wotsits….yep that's right, it had WOTSITS on it.  A cool gimmick, but for me crisps have no place on a burger, especially not cheesy puffs that just become immediately soggy once you stick them on something moist.

We were both pretty full after our mains but decided to order dessert anyway (TREAT YO SELF).  Blair went for a brownie (as his first choice, the new york cheesecake, was sold out), and I went for a chocolate mess sundae.  Maaaaan was this good - chocolate ice cream with meringue pieces, chunks of brownie, cream and chocolate sauce.  I'm regretting writing this on a day when I'm 100% sticking to Slimming World as I now really want some ice cream.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention cocktails!  I've been to a couple of cocktail classes at Revolution before (see a review here) so already knew how good these are.  I was trying to be sensible as it was a work night so only ordered one.  Oh the decisions!!  I finally settled on The Jammy Bastard because a) I made this at a recent cocktail class and I remember it being amazing, and b) that name though.  It has a bit of a Bakewell Tart taste to it, thanks to the Amaretto, and although it wasn't as good as the one I made myself (obvs) it was still bloody lovely.

We didn't go for any of the famous vodka shot sticks although if it had been the weekend I'd definitely have been suggesting we ordered one.  I'm not really one for shots these days (now that I'm THIRTY) but I love all the different flavours that Revolution do (and it's all naturally infused flavouring too, none of your artificial nonsense) so it's the one place where I'll happily drink them.

As well as the shots (and more cocktails), the one thing I fancy going back for is one of their new sharing street food trays.  I see this is what Kirsty went for when she did a review recently and my mouth was watering just looking at her photos.

So, who's up for dinner then??!


  1. The new menu looks so good! I visited recently but just for a quick meal so didn't get a chance to try as much as I would have liked, I've got my eye on the goats cheese bon bons for the future. I love their cocktails too - even more when they're on offer! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Wotsits?!?! ON a burger?!?! Insanity!! xx

  3. LET'S GO HERE IN JUNE! I want to try the wotsit burger now! x

  4. I really didn't fancy the wotsits when me and Gillian went! Nope nope nope. Glad you enjoyed! xo