Friday Thumbs Up

Friday, 15 May 2015

 This morning whilst I was getting ready for work, Blair was lying in bed struggling to find the energy to get up and for some reason I decided to give him a big cheesy thumbs up, much like the image above (terrifying at 7:30am). Once he'd woken up a bit he joked that I should write a blog post called “Lynne’s Thumbs Up” where I give something a "thumbs up" every week. Now not being that familiar with the world of blogging, what he doesn’t realise is that’s basically just a lite version of a monthly favourites so you know, not that silly an idea. 

I did just laugh at first but then the idea stuck in my head whilst I was doing my makeup and I thought fuck it, I’m using that, so here we are. I’m using the title “Friday Thumbs Up” instead though, as “Lynne’s Thumbs Up” sounded a bit too self-indulgent.

For my first "thumbs up" I'm going to talk about a new TV show I’ve been loving this week – The Affair.  

The Affair is set in Montauk (you know, where Phoebe’s real mom lived) and stars Ruth Wilson as waitress Alison, Joshua Jackson (ooh hello Pacey, haven’t seen you in a while) as her ranch owning husband Cole, Dominic West as teacher / author Noah, and Maura Tierney as his wife, and mother of his children, Helen.

In the present day, Noah and Alison are being interviewed by a detective about an as yet unknown crime that took place a number of years ago. You find out a bit more about this crime at the end of episode 2 but I won't spoil it in case you want to watch.

The main bulk of the episode is in a flashback format as Noah and Alison individually recall what happened the summer they met and started an affair. What’s really interesting here though is that their memories of the same events are quite different. Now given that they are recalling memories from a number of years ago you can’t expect them to remember *everything* clearly, but some events are so markedly different that you know one of them has to be lying (e.g. surely you wouldn’t misremember who saved a childs’ life?). So who is lying and why, that’s the question.

There’s also differences in the characterisation depending on the storyteller - so is Alison the confident, open young woman from Noah's tale, or the quite fragile soul from Alison’s? It’s not just the storytellers whose personality differs either - the characterisation of Noah’s wife is quite different too (is she the sweet loving woman portrayed by Noah, or the condescending rich bitch from Alison’s story?).

What I loved was the visual subtleties in the two versions of the story, from the outfits to the way Alison wears her hair. Also I’m not 100% sure but I feel like Alison’s hair is darker in Noah’s memory, although that might just be my imagination. It completely makes sense that they look different in the two flashbacks though as I’m pretty sure none of us could specifically remember exactly what you and the people around you looked like at an event several years ago.

The Affair feels like a really fresh concept so I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes. My only issue with it is that if you had a naked Pacey Witter on tap at home you definitely wouldn’t be jumping into bed with a (in my opinion) much less attractive older married man.

I’m kidding obviously. Kind of.

In all seriousness though it’s great to see Joshua Jackson back on our screens. The man is looking gooooood.

The Affair continues on Sky Atlantic on Wednesday at 9pm, and I think you can download the first 2 episodes onto your planner if you missed them. I'd definitely recommend giving it a go!

Big thumbs up from me.

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  1. Hahaha this is amazing. Blair is a blogging genius apparently.. you've got competition!

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx