Friday Thumbs Up: Wedding Invitations

Friday, 22 May 2015
Currywurst thumbs up

For my second Friday Thumbs Up (see last weeks here which includes an intro to the series) I want to tell you about two websites that have been an absolute godsend in the last few weeks.

As soon as we started wedding planning I decided that when it came to invitations I wanted to design them myself, despite not actually having any design experience, or knowing the first thing about using a tool like Photoshop.  After pissing about in Word for a few days and having no joy whatsoever (other than you know, invites that LOOKED like they were made in Word) I thought I'd give Fotor a go as I'd used it a few times to build collages for blog posts.  

By using their blank canvas collage option it meant I could pretty much do whatever I wanted, adding text boxes, images, shapes, background colours etc - and in a really simple, easy to use interface that required no technical knowledge whatsoever.  Now it's not perfect - my main issue with it is that you can't save and come back to something later which is annoying, but for a free tool it's pretty ace.  

Now obviously doing the design is only the first part, you then need to turn those into physical invitations and that's where the second lifesaver comes in -  I found out about these guys thanks to A Rosie Outlook as she wrote about using them for her own wedding invites recently.  They will print a huge range of products for you from invitations to flyers to stickers and posters.  They also have a fantastic range of paper types (which was the one thing that put me off using Vistaprint - which I used for our save the dates - as their options are fairly limited).  Also - and most importantly - the prices are really really reasonable, when I first generated a quote for my invitations I was shocked to see it come in at just under £20 for 80-odd.  £20!!  

Aaaaaaand as I'd started going through the checkout process when getting the quote (just to check there weren't any extra costs I'd been missing) I got one of those "we see you put some items in a basket" emails a few days later with a 20% discount code.  Little do they know I was always planning on coming back to complete the purchase, I just needed to finalise the reverse side of the design, so SCORE!  

Obviously as I've not actually bought them yet I can't confirm the quality of the print (although Rosie was really pleased with hers and in general their reviews are great), so I plan on doing a follow up post with images of my design etc later in the year once the wedding is over.  If you're in the same position as me though and are looking at designing and printing your own invites then I'd definitely recommend looking at both Fotor and, as they have made what could have been a very painful process nice and stress free for me! I'm also going to use them both to design and print our table names and some artwork for decorating the venue, and anything else paper related I can think of!

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  1. Great tips! Can't wait to see the finished design :)

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx