10 Memories of Summer

Saturday, 30 May 2015

If the last few days are anything to go by, then I *think* summer might have arrived in Edinburgh.  Hurrah!!  Check out the view of the castle from my office the other day, so dreamy.

In saying that, I may now have jinxed it.  So apologies if it's pouring with rain all next week.

As part of their #BRIGHTERNIGHTS campaign Rekorderlig challenged me to get nostalgic and share my best memories of summer. Now I'll be honest - I normally ignore emails like this, but by the time I'd finished reading it I'd already thought of about 3 or 4 things so I decided to take part.  Also, funnily enough one of my favourite summer drinks is a strawberry and lime Rekorderlig (with tons of ice) - mmmmm!

Yay, list time!

1. Going for walks with B and discovering bits of Edinburgh that we didn't even know existed.  Like this awesome waterfall in Cramond.

2. Summer BBQ's in the back garden whilst visiting family in Aberdeen.

3. Family holidays at Pontins in Blackpool.

4. Having 4 years of amazing holidays in Malia, Faliraki, Gran Canaria and Zante with my best pal back when we were wide eyed students.

5. So many beautiful sunny weddings!

6. Cycling to my friends' house in the next village every day in the school holidays.  I realise that sounds like something from Now & Then but no, it was the year 2000.

7. Sitting by the sea eating ice cream with B.

8. The garden party we had for my Grandpa's 90th birthday last year.

9. Sleeping in a tent in my best friends' back garden when we were 9 or 10 - definitely the only type of camping I am down for (a mum someone on hand to deliver snacks and a proper bed just a few steps away if we got too cold/bored).

10. So many nights at the Edinburgh Festival with friends, checking out shows, playing "spot the famous comedian", drinking cider and eating burgers at pop up bars.

I'm looking forward to that last one in particular this summer - I've got a week off in August so am planning on spending the days doing final wedding prep (painting a million jars and tins…) and the evenings at shows with B or chilling out in beer gardens with my pals.  Can't wait!

Some things I'm not so looking forward to from summer though are:

1. Roasty toasty bus journeys to and from work.
2. Having to squeeze an umbrella into every cute summer bag as you just can't trust Edinburgh weather.
3. Wasps all over the damn place. 
4. Having to resist the temptation to buy frappuccinos every day.
5. Getting woken up at 5.30am every morning as our curtains are too thin.
6. It getting too hot for my beloved black tights and ankle boots combo.  But my legs are too paaaaaale!
7. Slow walking tourists getting in my way during every lunch break.
8. Not being able to sit in the sun for more than 5 minutes without my pasty skin burning.
9. The "staying inside whilst it's sunny" guilt at the weekends.  Sometimes I don't like going outside ok?
10. The mid-afternoon makeup melt.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite and least favourite things about summer are! :)

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  1. WASPS, ugh. I love your view of the castle! The longer nights are one of my favourite things about summer, plus everyone just seems to be in a much better mood on the whole. I'm also a summer baby, which probably pays a part in my love for the season! Wishing I had a mango & raspberry Rekorderlig in my hand... and maybe a bit of sunshine too x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels