Jamie's Scottish Evening

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Earlier this week I attended an event at the Edinburgh Thistle Hotel called Jamie's Scottish Evening (Jamie as in King James, not Jamie Oliver, like I first thought - ha!).  The night involved a 4 course meal (with Scottish favourites like Leek & Tattie soup, and Cranachan for pudding), live music (including a traditional piper), Scottish dancers, and even an address to a haggis (complete with wee haggis, neeps and tattie canap├ęs).

If you're thinking, "that sounds like Burns Night" (just with less haggis), then you'd be right!  Except, normally you'd have to wait until January 25th for that sort of thing, but the Thistle puts on these events for 8 months of the year.  For tourists visiting the city in the summer it's an ideal opportunity to get a taste of traditional Scottish entertainment.  In fact, the night I was there we were one of the few locals in attendance, with guests from the USA, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Vietnam to name but a few.


The host kept everyone entertained throughout, cracking jokes and bantering with the audience, the musician and dancers were super talented - the fiddler in particular was amazing.  He was so fast it was insane - at one point there was smoke coming off the strings!  Get those mad skills on BGT my friend.

While I have nothing but praise for the cast, I do have to admit that the entertainment wasn't reeeeally up my street.  After all, I'm possibly the only Scottish person who is choosing to not have a ceilidh at their wedding… 

It's definitely an event more aimed at the tourist market as opposed to Edinburgh locals like me anyway, and based on the audience reaction - they bloody loved it.

Jamie's Scottish Evening is held at the Edinburgh Thistle - King James Hotel from March to October.  Tickets can be purchased here.  Thanks very much to Joe Blogs for inviting me along!

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  1. That pud looks amazing! Do you think you could ask them just to bring three of those instead of the soup and the main course? :P x