Saturday, 7 February 2015

I thought it was about time I brought back my old diaries feature, and as it's Valentines Day next week I've gone with a relationships theme.  Not difficult since about 75% of my diary entries are about my love life, or lack thereof.  Seriously, based on my scribblings it would appear that my entire life in my teens/early 20's was defined by how much attention was being paid to me by the opposite sex.  I bow my feminist head in shame.

Oh well, at least it makes for some amusing blog content!

Saturday May 17th 2003

Hey ho,

Well I'm back to where I started!  Gordon stopped texting me and I didn't hear from him for nearly a month. His brother told me he had a date with a girl called Britney (!) so I figured he'd just found someone better. But, he sent me an email last night saying he was really sorry, he's pissed off with him brother (as he's not even kissed Britney and she's definitely not his girlfriend) and he hasn't got the time or the money for a girlfriend at the moment.  Oh, and the reason he hadn't texted me was because he has no credit, and he is totally broke. I told him not to worry, I'm not looking for a boyfriend, just having fun while I"m young! I hope we stay mates tho cos we used to have good convos on MSN and he's totally fab.

He also said he hasn't had a girlfriend in 3 YEARS! Why?! Are the rest of the females in Edinburgh BLIND AND/OR STUPID?! Or maybe its cos he likes girls he can hold a conversation with, and who isn't stuck up her own ass. Which is why, as he once said, I am the only girl he's met in the last year who he could see as his girlfriend. Aww I want him - maybe I should offer him 'no strings attached sex', haha.  Nah, I'll get a name for myself (as the perfect girl?!).

Oh you are just the absolute WORST.


Sometime in 2001 - "cos I am like, in love with him"


Friday 6th September 2004 

Dear diary,

Well, first of all Ryan is out of the picture. For some reason unknown to me he just stopped texting me and then gave me some 'excuse' about him getting attacked and I haven't heard from since. What's the deal with that? I don't think I did anything wrong, it's like he just suddenly decided he didn't like me - git. I'm deleting his number from my phone at this precise moment - erasing him from my life. And I'll take down him pictures from my Malia wall - closure!

Hey, maybe he actually WAS attacked and you're just being a total bitch?  

Secondly, still no word from Gordon. I really really need to give up on that one but I can't!

It literally took another 3 years to finally give up

Still not seen Brett to give him 'the speech', will either have the effect of him kissing me (hopefully) or breaking my heart (likely).

Hahahah I'd forgotten about this - 'the speech' was basically me telling this guy that I fancied him, but I'd practiced the lines so much that it was like something from an episode of Dawsons Creek.  Luckily I never did end up doing it.

I also haven't met up with Paul yet, but I do fully intend to, and now that we know he is mates with Grant (who Anna fancies) it creates opportunities to meet him.

Oh and I also heard recently that George has a new girlfriend - hmm good for him.  Lee told me, incidentally I almost pulled Lee but then instead we just 'slept' together, it was quite nice actually….but no, I'm not allowed to like him!!

And lastly, I'm sort of going out with Scott - Gillian's ex. The only thing is that he likes me TOO much - in a stalker kind of way - and it's getting irritating. But it's nice to feel wanted I guess.


Oh also, it's been a month since I last pulled - what's the deal with that??!



This might be my last delve into my old diaries on here, I think I've extracted all of the stuff that lies between being too boring and far too embarrassing.  You may be thinking that the above is embarrassing enough, but ohhhhhhh no my friend, there is much MUCH worse.  I just can't bring myself to put those online and reveal just how unbelievably pathetic I really was.  One day maybe….


  1. Aww Lynne, you know how much I love these posts, this was amazing!

    I genuinely love the bit about the Dawson's Creek-esque speech! Sounds awfully like me as a teen! xxx

  2. Amaaaazing. Particularly enjoyed the entry with about a million guys' names in. All my old diaries are stacked up at home. Dread to think what they consist of.. I do remember a list of boys I fancied, with the majority scribbled out, then sometimes re-added to the list. Hahaha. x