Travel Wishlist

Saturday, 31 January 2015
For the last few weeks I've spent most of my spare time scouring the web for honeymoon inspiration.  It's no exaggeration to say that I've looked at 100's of hotel websites, browsing boutique hotels, luxury resorts, beach hotels, hotels with sea views, hotels with private pools, all inclusive hotels, in locations from Greek Islands to Spain to the Amalfi Coast.  Given that my day job involves working with hotel websites it's seriously been hotel OVERLOAD and at one point earlier today I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices in front of me that I thought we would never make a decision. But then….I stumbled across our absolute dream hotel, and after a quick scout of their Tripadvisor reviews (all amazing),  checking our travel options (no Scotland flights, but Manchester will do) and finding the site with the cheapest rates and no deposit required (thanks Expedia) it was booked.  Phew, what a bloody relief!  So I might not have my wedding dress yet, or arranged a humanist to marry us, but the honeymoon is sorted so it's all good.

Anyway, during my 2 week travel search meltdown I ended up looking at some of the most stunning hotels I have seen in my life. And like I said above, I work in travel so I've already seen (and been lucky enough to visit) my fair share of beautiful hotels but I've looked at so many websites recently that have made me genuinely gasp and "ooooh" at just how amazing they are.  Some of them were just too good to not share, so I thought I'd put together my favourites into a blog post so you can all share my grief at the fact I will never be able to afford to actually stay there.  


Website - Hotel Santa Caterina
Website - Myconian Imperial Resort
Website - Belmond Hotel Caruso
Website - Chateau Saint Martin
Website - Kresten Royal Villas
Website - Palazzo Avino
Website - Lindian Village
Website - Il San Pietro Di Positano
Website - Bahiazul Villas
Website - Amathus Beach Resort
Website - Grand Hotel Capodimonte
Website - Cavo Olympo
Website - Aquila Elounda Village
Website - Lefay Resort

Maybe if we all pool our money together we can afford to share a room at one of these hotels for the night?  Sleepover anyone??  In all seriousness though, some of these aren't *that* crazy expensive so if you're also looking to book your honeymoon (or just an extra special holiday) then definitely take a look.  And if you do decide to visit any then please take me with you, it's only fair :)

In case you're interested, we ended up finding a sea view suite with a private pool at a lovely new hotel in Rhodes - can't flippin wait!!


  1. Ooh exciting! Spare room at mines if you need a stopover for Manchester flight/aunty time with the kits!

  2. Exciiiiiiting!!! I love Rhodes- let me know if you fancy any tips on the island. Although, I doubt you'll be leaving your hotel room for long. WINK. Those hotels look immense. I want to travel somewhere posh now please xx

  3. Absolutely loooove all of these. Infinity pools are THE DREAM. xx