Visiting an Abandoned Theme Park

Saturday, 13 December 2014
Visiting an abandoned theme park - spreepark berlin

When I went to Berlin on holiday last year Blair and I booked a tour of Spreepark, an abandoned theme park on the outskirts of the city.  I've always had a bit of an obsession with looking at photos of abandoned buildings online (like this) so when I saw an opportunity for us to visit an abandoned theme park I jumped at the chance.  Especially as it had featured in the film Hanna which we'd watched only a few months earlier.

I briefly wrote about it in my Berlin Day 3 post with a couple of photos, but I was looking through the albums on my laptop the other day and there were tons of pics from the theme park so I thought I'd share some more.

When we went on the tour it was unfortunately mainly in German so I didn't really get the full story, but having read up on it afterwards there's quite an interesting history there.  The park first opened in 1969 and was the only theme park in East Berlin during the Soviet rule.  After reunification the park was expanded and eventually turned into a more Western style amusement park with a fee to enter (rather than paying per ride like it was before).  It was plagued by debt problems though and after increasing the entry fee they saw visitor numbers decline and in 2001 announced closure.  The owners, Norbert Witte and family, then moved a couple of the attractions to Peru and opened a new park called Lunapark in Lima.  Unfortunately though Norbert Witte was then imprisoned after attempting to smuggle cocaine from Peru to Germany, and a couple of years later his son was also imprisoned for drug smuggling.  Up until recently the Spreepark was still owned by the Witte family who offered tours (like the one Blair and I went on) but I've since discovered that earlier this year the park was sold to the City of Berlin and tours are no longer available.

Sadly, I've also just read that in August this year major parts of the park were destroyed by fire (which is believed to have been deliberately started).  So unfortunately you won't ever be able to visit and see it as it was in my photos below, a real shame!


I was planning on recommending that if you ever visit Berlin you should try book a tour, but now I know that's no longer possible.  It was a really cool experience though walking around the place imagining what it would have been like in its heyday.  There were quite a creepy element too as it was like being in a ghost town - the big wheel still slowly turning and creaking in the wind, trees growing over the roller coaster tracks, buildings lying empty, covered in graffiti.  Definitely one of the highlights of our trip and something we'll always remember.


  1. This is fascinating, I'd read about this place before (I have this thing with abandoned places) and it looks amazing. Such a shame that you can't do tours anymore.

  2. So jealous you got to visit this, I would have said this would be somewhere I would definitely want to go explore, shame they aren't doing tours anymore. :( glad you really enjoyed it though and got some great photos!

  3. Some of your photos are amazing, I love the idea of the abandoned theme park tour - loved it way back when you actually went! Something really creepy about the 'was anyone ever home?' graffiti though! Gave me a wee shiver!

  4. ahh i am so gutted I was hoping to go when I back in Berlin in feb! can you get in at all anymore do you know? love your photos of it- I am the same with abandoned place obsession too! xx

  5. I do not know why but this place remind me of something terrible ... Maybe because often closed amusement parks are created in the upcoming horror horror movies: D