Tony Macaroni comes to Edinburgh

Thursday, 27 November 2014
My Sunday evenings are normally spent holed up on the sofa in my cosy PJ's, watching Youtube videos on my laptop or catching up on TV shows from our Sky planner, but this week was a little bit different and I actually went OUTSIDE and interacted with other humans.  To be more specific, I went along to a press and blogger launch of the new Tony Macaroni restaurant in Edinburgh.  Free food on a  Sunday night, don't mind if I do!

I've been to Tony Macaroni once before when I was in Glasgow for my birthday last year (in fact, I wrote a review at the time), so I was pretty excited to hear they were opening up in Edinburgh.  The launch I went to was for their Queensferry Rd restaurant, but I've since found out they also have one in the Edinburgh Omni Centre (not sure how I missed that!).  Queensferry Rd is a bit of an unusual location as it's on the way out to the airport - but handily for me it's like a 5 minute drive from my flat.  It's also quite refreshing to see places open up out of the city centre.  

I went with Kirsty and our respective other halves, so it was a little double date.  This was the first time that Blair and Adam had met, and I was slightly apprehensive beforehand about whether or not they'd get on.  It sounds ridiculous, but as you're probably aware, I ADORE Kirsty so it would have been such a shame if B & A didn't hit it off.  Luckily though it all went very well and we had a really fun night together, yaaay!  More double dates soon please :)

Anyway, back to the review… as I said the restaurant is in a bit of an unusual spot - just off the main road out of the city, and next to a Tesco Express and a travel agents.  Decor wise they've gone for a very minimalist, rustic design with exposed lightbulbs, lots of wood, and an open kitchen area.  Very simple and clean, just how I like it.  

We settled down in a booth (yaasssss, I bloody love a booth) and spent about 10 minutes perusing the really long menu before deciding on what we wanted to order.  For starters, Blair and I shared Mozzarella Fritta and Polpette al Sugo (meatballs) and oh my I'm glad we decided to share - look at the size of those mozzarella sticks!!  If I'd eaten the entire portion myself I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have needed a main.  Kirsty and Adam's starters (pate and chicken wings) were also huge portions, so you definitely won't go hungry!

For my main I went for chicken topped with diced tomatoes, pine nuts and raisins, with a side of polenta chips.  This was nice but I don't think I'd have it again - I chose the topping for the chicken (Pomodoro, Pinoli e Uvetta) mainly because of the pine nuts as I absolutely love them, but I didn't really like the combination altogether (I ended up picking out the raisins, like a child).  Blair went for a Toto pizza (pepperoni, chicken & italian sausage) - I tried a small slice and it was really good, like a proper thin crust, cheesy cheesy cheesy pizza.  Think I'll go for a pizza next time, not the healthiest choice (especially for someone supposedly doing Slimming World) but worth it for a treat.

Unfortunately we were all so completely stuffed that we had no room for dessert - re-reading my last review the same thing happened, so I've still never had the chance to try one of their epic sounding sundaes.  I'm making it my mission to have one next time I go - the hot fudge sundaes sound unbelievable.

In fact, that might be sooner rather than later as as I sit here typing, Blair is speaking to one of our friends trying to arrange dinner this weekend and Tony Macaroni is top of the suggested venue lists….bring on the sundaes!!

The new Queensferry Road restaurant is open now, and as I said at the start they also have an Omni Centre restaurant in the city centre which has been open for a few months.  If you're looking for some good quality Italian food (the menu at Queensferry Rd has been created by famous Italian chef Fabio Campoli) at a good price, then I'd definitely recommend giving Tony Macaroni a go.

There's also video of the launch night on the Tony Macaroni Youtube channel if you fancy a proper look at the place - looks like we successfully managed to avoid the cameras, haha!

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