November Highlights

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Another round of travelling for work, this time a two city tour (well, kinda) with a day and night in Southampton (staying at the beautiful Chewton Glen) and then a day in London.  My overnight stay was one of the most relaxing yet - I'd finished my meetings by about 4ish so I has an evening in my hotel room ordering room service, lounging on my huge bed, and watching TV in the bath (!) whilst drinking a mocktail.  Bliss!

Ever since I went to a cocktail masterclass at Revolution for Laura's birthday last year I've been talking about organising something similar as a work social event.  Well it only took me 12 months but we finally got round to it and a group of us went along a few Fridays ago for a night of cocktail making.  It was so much fun we're already talking about planning the next one.  The only downside was that at some point during the class the middle diamond from my engagement ring fell out and I thought it was lost forever.  Amazingly though, one of the Revolution staff actually went and bloody found it again - so incredibly lucky!  We've since taken the ring back to the shop and got it replaced so all is well, but it was a traumatic half hour or so when I thought it was gone, as you can imagine!

Speaking of Laura's birthday, a group of us went out for tapas at Cafe Andaluz (my fave) to celebrate her 23rd the other weekend.  After stuffing ourselves with half of the menu, we headed up to the Blackbird where we spent the rest of the night drinking cocktails and having a good old giggle until kicking out time.  A really lovely night - I definitely have a lot more fun these days when it's spent in a pub rather than in a club - those days are over my friend!

Continuing with the food theme, I went to the launch of the new Tony Macaroni restaurant last Sunday with Blair and Kirsty & Adam.  I wrote a full review here, but needless to say I was about 20% heavier when I left.

The Christmas markets have opened in Edinburgh and the city centre is looking delightfully festive.  I can see the trees in Princes St Gardens all lit up from my office window, it puts me in a good mood every time I look outside.  I met up with Lianne on Friday to go to the launch of the Drambuie bar where we drank hot apple toddies whilst watching people try not to fall over on the ice rink.  I'm not really a fan of mulled wine but the hot apple toddy was so good, definitely going to go back when I'm at the market later this week.  It was so lovely to see Lianne too, we haven't seen each other in a while so it was great to have a proper catch up on all things wedding!  Her big day is next year too, so it was good to chat about flowers and photographers and dresses etc and share how our plans are going.  A catchup with Lianne never fails to make me smile - she's a wee gem!

December is going to be a pretty busy month, as always, with lots of things planned so I can see as many pals as possible before Christmas.  I also need to properly start my Christmas shopping as I'm a bit behind this year.  God I hate shopping at this time of year - I will try my best to get it all done online!  On that subject, if you've done any Christmas gift guide or wish list posts please leave me a link below - I need some inspiration!

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