Living Room Makeover

Saturday, 22 November 2014


When we first moved into this flat, almost 3 years ago, I decided on a purple theme for our living room and kitchen area.  So we went for all purple everything: purple curtains, purple rug, purple cushions, purple candles, purple clock, purple vase.  PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!

Now it looked lovely and everything, but 3 years of PURPLE is enough to annoy anyone (unless you're Marie from Breaking Bad) so a few weeks ago we decided it was time for a change.  I decided to go for a fairly muted colour scheme which meant that if we ever want to change it up again then it shouldn't be too difficult, so creams and bronzes were the main focus.  Also, because I love a bit of mint we added a couple of mint/duck egg blue touches too.


We got quite a few of the items pictured from a shop called The Range - so that was the lampshade, vases, candles and curtains.  Funny story about the curtains - I accidentally only bought one panel, as I didn't realise there was only one in a pack….so we had to go back the next week to buy another pack and luckily they had just one left in the shop.

The duck egg and metallic cushion covers are both from, the eiffel tower and "follow your dreams" hanging art are from Next (we had these already), the heart candle holder on the table is from Debenhams, and the floral (window ledge) and heart (doorway) fairy lights are from Primark.  

The wall sticker is from Next and I wasn't really sure how it was going to turn out as I've never used transfers like that but I think it's ace.  Apparantly it's completely removable too, but I will be interested to see how that goes when we have to move out…


Onto our feature wall - and I fully admit that I stole this idea from my pal Kirsty as every time I was round at her old flat I loved looking at all her different prints and postcards.  Most of the things on ours are gifts I've given Blair over the years - so that includes the venn diagram poster (a Christmas present from Firebox), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones prints (all from Living in La La Land).  The mint heart is from The Range, the Drive poster was bought by Blair, and the others are cards we've received either from each other, or friends.  The L and B were made out of left over paper from the DIY map shelves project.  It's all attached to the wall using grey polkadot washi tape from Paperchase. 

We also made some changes to our bathroom but they aren't quite as exciting so I won't bother doing a full post about it.  The main thing we did was sort out storage, adding this cute chest of drawers from The Range and moving all of our toiletries from those baskets into the drawers.  I also switched up the bathmat for a grey one from Primark (and grey hand towels on the back of the door which you can't see).  The toothbrush stand and soap dispenser are both from John Rocha at Debenhams, and the birdcage and reed diffuser are Primark.  The glass tea light holder was a Christmas gift from Blair's mum.


I'm so happy with both rooms now, I think the changes have given the flat a much needed refresh.  The living room in particular seems so much bigger and brighter now - I absolutely love sitting watching TV in the evenings now with all the fairy lights and candles lit, so pretty.  The bathroom was always my most hated room in the house before as it felt so disorganised but just a simple change of adding those drawers has made me feel a lot happier with it.

By the way if you want to see a closer view of any of the changes then check out this video.

What do you think of the changes?  Have I inspired you to do your own home makeover? :)

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  1. Love love LOVE the feature wall, and they grey polka dot tape sounds too cute! I can't wait to move out and have my own place to decorate! <3