DIY Map Shelves

Sunday, 2 November 2014

This is a super easy but really effective DIY project that can totally transform a boring old bookcase.  I got the inspiration for this from The Apprentice of all places - as they have a similar looking shelf in the living room of the contestants house.  

All you need is some glue and printed maps (I used this wrapping paper from Paperchase).  Firstly, remove all the contents from the bookcase (obviously) and remove any shelves that you can (my one has 1 fixed shelf but the rest are movable).  You can then either lie the bookcase on the floor for the glueing, or just do it standing up like I did.

Be sure to measure out the width first to see if you need to cut the sheets at all to fit.  As my paper was striped it made it really easy to cut a straight line.

When it comes to glueing on the paper I found it easier to apply the glue to the bookcase and then stick the maps on top, but if you find it better to glue the sheets first then do that.  For reference, I used an eco-friendly glue called i-Glu which I got from Paperchase but can't seem to find it online ANYWHERE. 

Once the paper is on and the glue has dried, replace the shelves and fill as you want.  


You could obviously use a different backing other than maps - the possibilities are endless really, so if there's a wallpaper or wrapping paper print you love then why not use it to decorate your old bookcase?


  1. This is so simply but so effective - I almost WISH I had a old bookcase in need to a new lease of life, I'd definitely be all over this!


  2. This is AMAZING! I love it