OOTD: Girls Night Out

Sunday, 5 October 2014
Last night I had a smashing evening in Edinburgh with some of my favourite blogger pals.  I left plenty time to get ready (for once) so managed to take some outfit of the day photos.  I also filmed a Get Ready With Me video whilst I was doing my makeup.  I'm going to go edit that now so it should *hopefully* be up on my Youtube channel before the end of the day.  

I literally bought the dress (from New Look) that morning as I'd went for some last minute shopping to try find something to wear.  I really like it, it's quite thin so I was a bit chilly, but you could easily layer up with a cardigan.

matching TARDIS keyrings….Gillian not impressed
What is wrong with this mannequins face?!
Haggis bomb!

The girls and I went for dinner and cocktails at Amicus Apple - the food was great and the cocktails also, the only downside was the really loud annoying men at the table next to us which meant we could hardly hear each other. 

After dinner we ended up in a tiny tiny bar just off Rose St called the International Vodka and Beer Bar (catchy) after a PR on the street enticed us in with the offer of £2.50 drinks (almost unheard of in central Edinburgh on a Saturday!).  I'd recommend it for pre-going out drinks as they had a good selection (I ended up having mandarin, raspberry and blueberry vodka….not all at once) and at that price you can't complain.

Post-vodkas unfortunately Lynsey and Roisin had to head off to get the train back to Glasgow, so Kirsty, Laura, Gillian and I carried on along Rose Street to a pub called Scott's - which in stark comparison to the vodka bar, was pretty much completely empty.  We spent about an hour in here, having a few drinks and discussing everything from bras to family secrets, finishing off with a couple of "haggis bombs" (jager and Irn Bru) before heading out to a club.  

Given that none of us are big club goers these days we had been asking around all week to find out the best place to go on a Saturday night and a couple of us had been recommended Castle Clvb on Queensferry Street.  After almost weeing ourselves in the queue we were pretty excited to get inside, but it was a bit of a disappointment to be honest.  

The music was shite…..like, really shite.  There were 3 rooms - an RnB room which had ok music but was packed, a "chart" room where every decent song had a banging dance track over the top of it rendering it crap, and then a vip room (I'm pretty sure everyone in the club had a vip stamp) which played the best music but had no dance floor.  We lasted about an hr before heading home - successfully managing to resist McDonalds on the way….so proud.

I think we were all in agreement that next time we go out we should just go back to the Hive, haha.  At least we're guaranteed to hear music we'll dance to!  If you know of any other clubs in Edinburgh that play 90's and 00's rock and pop, and aren't full of teenagers then please let me know.

I had such a fun night catching up with everyone and having a good giggle.  At one point Kirsty had the rest of us crying with laughter at her Morrisey and Cher impressions (Mori-cher) - it had to be sen to be believed.  Some of us were chatting about how it's strange to think that a lot of us only really became proper friends a year ago, which is crazy.  I can't imagine my life without them now, god bless blogging for introducing me to such absolute gems.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Was really sad to miss it! Love your dress. haha Kirsty's Morrisey impressions are legendary! Lianne xx