Royal Botanic Gardens

Monday, 29 September 2014
A few weekends ago Blair and I went to see an exhibition at Inverleith House which is located in Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens.  It was an exhibition by German artist Isa Genzken who is known for her contemporary sculptures and installations.  

The pieces were really cool, very different to anything I've ever seen before.  I didn't take any photos inside as I wasn't sure it was allowed, but she uses a lot of different materials in her work like clothing, mirrors, plastic, toys, photographs, paint etc.  One piece that stuck out for me was a perspex tower on top of which balanced some plastic chairs and Donald Duck toys - sounds mental but it was pretty cool.

Once we were done with the exhibition we decided to walk around the botanic gardens for a bit before heading home, as neither of us had been since we were young.  These are the photos that I snapped as we mooched around.


Funnily enough I ended up back at the Botanics just a week or two later as my mum and I went along for their wedding fayre.  I've already booked my venue so we were just there to meet the local suppliers, which was pretty successful as I met a cake lady who I really liked.  I'll probably do another post soon to update you on wedding plans, although I'm still undecided on how much I want to share on here, so please bear with me!

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